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Components of a diesel engine

The components of a diesel engine include pumps, mechanical pumps, high pressure pumps and common rail technology.


Diesel fuel is transported from the tank via the use of a pump. Prior to the widespread adoption of electronic fuel injection, most engines used mechanical fuel pumps.

Mechanical pumps

  • Max pump pressure is 200 bars
  • Mechanical injectors open & close 1 time per cycle
  • Pump pressure is measured in bars:
    • Glock 9mm – 2520 bars
    • Mechanical pump – 200 bars
    • High pressure pump – 1800 bars

High pressure pumps

  • Max pressure is 1800 bars (common rail technology)
  • Electronic injectors (up to 7 holes per injector)
  • Injectors can open & close up to 5 times per cycle
  • Pre (reduces noise) & post (raise temperature of exhaust gas for re-generation of standard diesel particulate filter) injection possible

Common rail technology

Common rail technology is a fuel-injection system on a diesel engine in which one line (or rail) holds fuel at a certain pressure and feed lines run from it to each fuel injector.

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