With scent being a significant factor in customer experience, it’s important commercial and industrial settings keep on top of their scenting. Bad odours can have many causes and need to be neutralised so that they can be replaced with a fragrance that enhances the space.

Getting to Grips with Grease Traps

In commercial and industrial settings where grease can build up and clog drains, grease traps and lift stations are the answer to stopping the troublesome build-up. However, there is another knock-on problem to this greasy gripe, that is the unpleasant odour caused by the fat, oil and grease (FOG) deposits that are left in the trap.

Grease traps work via a filter system. They separate the water that goes down the sink from the FOG that stays in the trap. A grease trap interceptor should prevent unpleasant smells from escaping, but if they are not regularly cleaned and maintained, this is when odour can build up. Grease trap cleaning experts can clean out the system, therefore providing some odour control, but business owners can still be left with an unpleasant smell.

This is a particular problem for food businesses, such as restaurants and cafes. A lot of grease goes down their drains, therefore an untreated build up can cause noxious odours and gases that will disturb customers and staff. Not only this, but health and hygiene laws require food preparation businesses to meet certain standards, so odorous grease traps can be both a costly and hazardous problem.

With these kinds of noxious drainage odours causing a potential health hazard, it is not simply enough to mask the smell. A solution that actually neutralises and removes the odour from the system is essential. Odour neutralising liquids and solutions can be poured down the pipes. Once this has been done, a ‘clean slate’ or (clean pipe to be more precise!) is then achieved.

This comprehensive removal of odours then provides an ideal background for the use of fragrance, in-order-to bring an ambience and feeling of freshness to a building or facility. The use of odour neutralising fragrance solutions can be one of the key steps in keeping a building’s internal atmosphere sanitised and hygienically clean.

The Power of Fragrance Solutions

The science of scent plays an important part in our everyday lives. Scent can not only help to offer a better atmosphere for those who work in a facility but also offers an enhanced ambiance to visitors. Scent management is a scientifically proven theory about the language of scent and how it effects the human psyche.

It has been proved that subtly projected scents that are used in the background make people feel that a place is more hygienic. This makes them feel more comfortable and they tend to stay longer and feel more secure in their surroundings. There is more to scent and aroma management than meets the nose! It is important that these scents are used subtly and are appropriate to the setting however, particularly in a food environment.

In the situation where odours are not only unpleasant but potentially hazardous, neutralising and removing the source of the odour must be the first priority before a scent is introduced. There are specialist companies who can treat grease traps and other drainage systems to remove build up and odour, achieving a sanitised environment in preparation for the use of fragrance.

This kind of odour problem solving, in-order-to achieve a complete end-to-end sanitising solution is what is expected by modern health and safety standards. Gone are the days of masking unpleasant smells. It is all about neutralising and replacing odours with fresh anti-bacterial scents that preserve the atmosphere for longer. There are several ways that this can be done.

The Science Behind Odour Neutralisers

Sometimes an odour neutralising unit is placed in a facility, near to an area that could potentially produce noxious aromas. These units contain an absorber that neutralises bad smells. Specialist fragranced chemicals can also be projected into the atmosphere, via an atomiser or fogger, to neutralise odours. These machines can be set on a timer to release spray or mist every so often. The aim of these odour eliminating solutions is not to cover up the problem, but to solve it.

So, what is the science behind these aroma absorbing chemicals? They contain both odour absorbing molecules and fragrance molecules. In a single burst, reams of both molecules are released. These combine with the odour molecules in the air. Every absorbing and scent molecule merges with an odour molecule, connecting through attachment to the latter’s structure.

As a result, a new and odour-neutral organic compound is formed – which is without scent and therefore inoffensive to the nose. This clever scientific solution thereby eliminates bad smells for good, sanitising the area in question and generally providing a more pleasant atmosphere.

At NCH Europe, we provide odour neutralising room fragrances. We use science to tackle problems and create effective solutions. We have a range of new odour eliminating scents that can be used in a wide variety of facilities, including ones that are suitable for use in restaurants and cafes. Our subtle White Tea fragrance is ideal for use in a variety of food preparation and service settings.

At NCH we are grease trap cleaning and maintenance experts. NCH Europe uses science to create products that efficiently and sustainably meet grease trap and lift station cleaning needs. Our advanced biological solutions will remove the build-up of FOG and eliminate odours in the process, allowing drainage systems to flow freely.

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