NCH keeps businesses across Europe running smoothly and efficiently whilst protecting their investments with an extensive range of premium maintenance solutions.

Our research and development chemists are constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring new technology to bring you the latest innovations all focused on addressing our customer needs. We pride ourselves on ensuring our products meet the highest of standards and are environmentally responsible.

If you’ve got a spill, we’ve got a product that will absorb it. Having trouble with rust? No problem, we can help you remove the rust and prevent it returning. In fact, our extensive range of solutions can help you with just about any maintenance issue.

Industrial Degreasers

Cleanliness is crucial to industry; it not only improves appearance but also performance by reducing contamination that can cause breakdowns and create a safer working environment.

Our hardworking range of industrial degreasers will penetrate even the most stubborn grease and grime; leaving behind a clean, bright and uncontaminated surface.

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Acid Descalers

Cleaning limescale, rust, concrete or cement from equipment can be costly and time consuming. Limescale build up can also cause high energy consumption due to loss of heat transfer efficiency.

NCH Maintenance has a range of powerful acid descalers formulated to quickly remove build ups of a number of different soils across a full range of substrates, including most metals.

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Rust & Corrosion

The damage caused by rust and corrosion to equipment and infrastructure results in high maintenance costs for industry. A robust corrosion management regime reduces the need to replace and repair.

NCH Maintenance has a range of solutions dedicated to providing you with tailored protection; to remove rust and corrosion and then prevent it returning.

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In an industrial setting there are numerous opportunities for liquids to spill, drip or leak, which can not only cause a mess but is also a serious slip and fall hazard.

Our NCH Maintenance range of absorbent mats, powders and granules means that there is no need for you to slip up, whilst ensuring you comply with regulations.

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