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Up retention time by 16%, purchasing intent by 14% and turnover by 6% with the right aroma in your business!

Mystic Air is the latest innovation from NCH Facilities. This aroma management solution uses specially selected fragrances for different business sectors. With 6 fragrances to choose from, businesses can create the right ambience for their customer base.

Get your customers attention with the right scent for your facility...

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Surface cleaning and disinfection: NCH solutions help keep surfaces germ free

Not all germs are bad, and some are even good for us. However it is important protect ourselves from germs that can cause harmful diseases, viruses and infections.

A person can contaminate a surface through tiny droplets when they cough or sneeze. Unknowingly we can transmit bacteria or viruses to ourselves through touching our eyes, nose or mouth after being in contact with a contaminated surface. Regularly disinfecting the surfaces is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses.

Find out the best surface disinfectants methods and which products to use; explore your options now

Cleanliness is crucial to industry, by keeping your working environment clean; you not only improve appearance but also performance. Our hardworking range of industrial degreasers reduce contamination and penetrate even the most stubborn grease and grime. With a range including pH neutral degreasers, low foaming degreasers and a silicate free degreaser, our Aqua-Sol water based degreasers offer you a safer, non-flammable, but very powerful alternative to traditional solvent degreasers and are all NSF A1 certified, providing you with a safe option for the food production industry.

When was the last time you reviewed your degreaser use? Find out the right way to upgrade your inventory now!

Cleaning limescale, rust, concrete or cement from equipment can be costly and time consuming. Limescale build up can also cause high energy consumption due to loss of heat transfer efficiency.

NCH Maintenance has a range of powerful acid descalers formulated to quickly remove build ups of a number of different soils across a full range of substrates, including most metals.


Get expert help and advice to find the right acid cleaner/descaler for your facility

Rust and corrosion causes millions of Euros of damage every year. Experts believe a percentage of corrosion related costs could be avoided with the correct prevention and treatment solutions.

The R&D chemists at NCH have formulated a range of solutions for the management of rust & corrosion; from our groundbreaking and patented pH neutral rust removal solution X-Rust 7, to the latest hybrid coating technology used by our rust encapsulation system Salvage 2+.


Don’t let rust eat away at your business! Get the treatment and protection your facility needs!

Clean, protect and condition the most important tools of your trade with industrial hand care solutions from NCH Maintenance.

Do your employees suffer from repeated skin exposure to hazardous substances? Are poor quality soaps and cleansers leading to complaints of dry, cracked hands? Our solutions safe guard against irritation and drying and shield hands in tough working environments.


Is your hand care programme in need of an update? Let our experts show you how your facility can benefit

Looking for a concrete repairing compound? Our shatterproof solution has the same bulk density as concrete. Suffering from a leaking roof? We can stop leaks instantly, even in driving rain. Are your floors in need of recoating? Protect your employees with an anti-slip floor coating. Whatever your building maintenance needs, protect your premises with the right solutions.

With expert advice and industrial solutions, our building maintenance range is designed for your needs.


Get the solution that’s right for you from the experts you can trust. Start improving your facility’s building maintenance now!

Don’t slip up; put a stop to spills, leaks and drips with the right absorbent solutions.

Any number of spillages can occur in the workplace, causing employee injury, regulatory fines and damage to the environment. Ensure you provide a cleaner, safer working environment. Find the absorbent that’s right for you with expert help and advice from NCH Maintenance.


What is the right absorbent solution for your facility? Let’s look at how we can help with your requirements

Not all drain or wastewater problems are alike, so our trained representatives take the time to perform a site survey to identify problem areas and provide you with proper treatment solutions for your site. With exclusive, patented technology and products, we provide solutions unavailable elsewhere and the most cost-effective drain maintenance products in the marketplace.

Our solutions cut through fats, oil and grease (FOG) to keep drains cleaner for longer. With regular use our solutions protect your plumbing systems, maintain drain flow and reduce the need for pump-out and clean out operations.


Get exclusive, patented drain maintenance for your facility, find out how with NCH Maintenance

Within any facility; customers, employees or residents often first interact with the environment through smell. The odours they encounter communicate the quality of the facility. For businesses, a bad first impression can have consequences, giving the impression that the operation is dirty, poorly run or even unsafe.

Breathe fresh air into your workplace with deodorisers from NCH Maintenance. Our heavy duty odour neutralisers keep your premises smelling fresh.


Don’t let odours overtake your workspace, find out how to easily overcome them

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