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Keeping your transport systems on track or buildings maintained whilst ensuring energy efficiency and conserving water, NCH delivers best in-class maintenance solutions.

Infrastructure keeps the world moving; helps us get where we need to be as well as powering our transport, homes and places of work. Everybody relies on infrastructure. NCH has a long history of supporting those entrusted with maintaining our important infrastructure systems by providing a wide range of solutions for all infrastructure networks.

Freight and transport operations rely on our solutions to maintain vehicles and rail networks; our lubrication and fuel additives maintain engines and keep them on the road and out of the workshop, whilst reducing fuel consumption. Our range of powerful vehicle washes and degreasers keep the fleets clean, whilst our Partsmaster and Parts Cleaning solutions provide everything the work shop engineer could require.

Energy and water suppliers rely on our extensive range of acid descalers, degreasers and biocides to keep plants running to maximum efficiency, reducing energy waste. If you have a spill, the NCH range of absorbents are at hand for a quick clean up.

Buildings are an important part of infrastructure too. NCH Maintenance has a wide range of coatings and sealants to protect property against increasingly harsh weather conditions as well as a range of sealants to make those emergency repairs. We also carry patching compounds to keep pathways and asphalt maintained and safe to use.

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