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High quality, heavy duty solutions to meet the challenges of industry head on; from lubricants to industrial degreasers, acid descalers to biological solutions.

The busy maintenance engineer in the industrial sector can face a different challenge every day and needs to have the solutions to meet these challenges head on. NCH Europe provides a vast range of products and solutions to help keep businesses operating by minimising downtime, extending the life of machinery and reducing costs.

Our research and development teams are continually pushing innovative boundaries to bring you optimum performance from our solutions range.



Lubricants and Fuel Additives

Friction and wear can cause damage to valuable equipment leading to increased replacement costs and downtime. NCH Europe’s range of greases and oils ensure you have the right lubricant in place to keep your equipment well maintained and extend its operating life. Our diesel additive range will improve your diesel fuel leading to increased mileage whist at the same time protecting your engines and keeping your fleet on the road.



You never know what you will encounter from day to day, that’s why we carry a vast range of Maintenance solutions. We provide a wide range of powerful industrial degreasers as well as solutions for rust management, sealants, descalants, absorbents and much more. Let us know what you are facing and we’ll provide you with the right solution.


Parts Cleaning

A range of fully serviced parts cleaning equipment from manual solvent based machines through to large automated aqueous cleaners that ensure engine or machinery parts are fully cleaned before fitting. Our Torrent 500 is at the very cutting edge of parts cleaning technology.



NCH Partsmaster supply a vast array of abrasives, cutting tools, adhesives, fasteners and welding electrodes, ensuring you have the right tools you can rely on for any maintenance job. Our range of Cryotools are the toughest tools on the market.



Production facilities can generate large volumes of FOG as well as COD, BOD and Suspended Solids within their effluent. NCH Wastewater can treat this effluent with our ground breaking BioAmp systems; combining biological solutions with unique delivery systems; right up to our BioAmp 5000 CCU designed for large scale water treatment plants.


Water Treatment

The total system approach from our NCH Chem-Aqua platform make boiler, cooling and process water systems more efficient. NCH Chem-Aqua provide a comprehensive program of products, equipment and services that address the unique mechanical, operational, chemical and people requirements of each system.

Discuss your industrial requirements with our highly trained sales representatives today for a tailor made solution to match your needs.

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