Industrial maintenance solutions from NCH Europe

NCH Europe provides industrial maintenance solutions for a wide range of industries including hospitality, industrial and infrastructure.  With the latest technology in industrial maintenance, industry expertise and quality solutions we have the tools to best understand our customer requirements and provide quality bespoke solutions.

Meet sustainability goals and maximise efficiency of operations with our unparalleled knowledge and technical competency. At NCH Europe we believe in ‘people doing business with people.’ We have developed and continue to grow a direct sales team to build customer connections, enhance our customer understanding and drive market penetration. With industrial maintenance solutions from NCH Europe, you'll be in the very safest of hands.


Best in class industrial maintenance solutions 

Our research and development team are constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring new technology to bring you the latest innovations in industrial maintenance solutions, all focused on addressing our customer needs. We pride ourselves on ensuring our industrial maintenance products meet the highest of standards and are environmentally responsible.

From machine maintenance, to waste water treatment, water treatment, parts cleaning and lubricants, we have the full rannge of industrial maintenance products and solutions. The aim of our solutions is always to increase efficiency, decrease environmental impact, reduce costs and save time for you.