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Wax Casting Manufacturer

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Wax Casting Manufacturer

Our customer is a superior investment casting wax manufacturer, supplying strategic industries including: aerospace, medical, automotive, defense and electronics. When Chem-Aqua started a water treatment program with the company there were serious space limitations for the treatment chemicals on site. This highlighted the challenge of putting together a sound water treatment program and raised health and safety concerns.



Several aspects concerning health and safety could be improved by switching to the new HandiChem™ system:

  • Drum handling and disposal concerns are reduced, as operator only handles a 5kg container instead of a 25kg or 200kg drum.
  • Reduced chemical exposure and spillage risk. The dissolution and feed of the product is fully contained in the HandiFeed™ system.
  • More floor space: the solid products are much more concentrated than liquids, therefore much needed floor space can be cleared. Products are delivered in 4x5kg cases that can be stored on a shelf.


At Chem-Aqua’s proposal, a dedicated water treatment room was built to house the HandiChem™ system, a softener and an automated feed/control system. The new solution allowed:

  • A much improved water treatment management program.
  • Water savings due to the softener, improved chemistry and automated control.
  • The health and safety concerns were reduced to the minimum by using the solid HandiChem™ system instead of liquid chemicals.

Before Installation, cooling tower and liquid treatment were confined to a small shed, causing occasional spills & leakage, difficult access and liquid drum clutter on site.

After installation the company had a dedicated water treatment room, including a softener, an automated feed and control system and the HandiChem™ solid system.

The Chem-Aqua HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment Program is a simple, safe and reliable water treatment solution, which helped achieve customer’s high quality management standards.


The HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment System from Chem-Aqua