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Vodafone, Ireland

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NCH Waste Water - Bioamp Waste Water Treatment

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Vodafone, Ireland

Vodafone Group Plc. is the world's leading mobile telecommunications company, with a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and United States. The group has over 315 million customers and trades on the UK and US stock markets with a value in June 2009 of over £63 Billion.

Vodafone Ireland has over 2.2 million customers with approximately 45% of the market. It employs 1650 people in its Dublin and Dundalk facilities providing customer service 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Just like all Vodafone facilities, Vodafone Ireland has a strong environmental strategy to reduce the impact waste has on the environment.



Vodafone Ireland were continually suffering high waste water costs, which were frequently outside the consent limits set by local authority. This was resulting in excessive waste water treatment charges.


NCH Waste Water recommended the use of a grease interceptor treated by a BioAmp™ unit. The patented BioAmp™ system provides an excellent alternative to drain maintenance and produces enough bacteria to have a significant impact on any drain system.


Water charges have been reduced by over 50% since December 2008 when compared with same time period last year and down by 50% in 2009. All waste water license readings have also been within parameters since installation and Vodafone Ireland saw a return on investment in just above 7.5 months. The customer’s assistant facilities manager recommends the use of BioAmp™ on all future grease interceptor installations.