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University, UK

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University, UK

An important UK facility management company was introduced to the new HandiChem™ Solid Treatment System from Chem-Aqua. Their portfolio included a 2 year old building, home of a prestigious research unit at a University in the UK. The HandiChem™ system provided them with an opportunity to look into the possibilities of pioneering an improved water treatment program in this flagship building in order to make it safer, more reliable and sustainable.



The cooling system for this building consists of two main cooling tower systems of 1550kW and 3450 kW. They address the cooling requirements on site for both research equipment and HVAC.

The building had traditional, liquid water treatment on site. Drums storage and disposal, chemical handling, splash and spills containment, pumps not working because of leaks and lost prime, etc. presented significant sustainability concerns. With a detailed analysis of the water regime and options on site, Chem-Aqua identified the possibility of achieving energy and water savings on site by proposing a different, state-of the art chemistry. The HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment System was introduced in order to address these issues.

With Chem-Aqua’s HandiChem™ Water Treatment System, chemicals are provided as solid concentrates. The products are fully encapsulated in 5kg recyclable plastic containers rather than liquids in drums. HandiPak® Solid Concentrates from plastic bottles are dissolved as needed into a small plastic reservoir using a HandiFeed™ Mixing Board. The feed solution is pumped as needed into the system being treated, just like with liquid chemicals.


The HandiChem™ System replacing the previous liquid cooling tower treatment program is now installed on a panel and it feeds both systems. The installation is much more compact, neater and tidier; resulting in increased worker safety in the mechanical room.

The new HandiChem™ system provided by Chem-Aqua responded the best to customer needs:

  • Dramatically reduced splash and spill concerns
  • Cleaner and cheaper chemical workstation and storage area
  • Reduced handling, no more pump re-priming, safer and more reliable dispensing
  • Improved water and energy efficiency by increasing cycles of concentration from 2.3 to 3
  • Overall, a more responsible chemical usage

The Chem-Aqua HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment program proved to be an innovative technology that provided much improved chemical handling safety and cost savings in a compact package.


The HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment System from Chem-Aqua