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Soft Drink Bottling Plant, USA

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Soft Drink Bottling Plant, USA

A large soft drink bottling plant located in the Midwestern United States was presented with corporate sustainability initiatives for their 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility. The sustainability initiatives prompted them to evaluate a range of measures to reduce the environmental impact of the facility. As a major consumer of energy and water, the refrigeration and boiler systems were targeted for closer examination.



The plant’s 1,600 ton ammonia refrigeration system consists of three evaporative condensers and eight compressors. A 550-HP boiler system provides 85 psi process steam. Reliable and efficient operation of these systems is required for plant production. Although the Chem-Aqua liquid water treatment program provided good results, chemical storage, handling and disposal presented significant sustainability concerns. The HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment System was introduced to address these concerns. With Chem-Aqua’s HandiChem™ Water Treatment System, chemicals are provided as solid concentrates in either block form or one-gallon recyclable plastic bottles, rather than liquid in drums. HandiPak® Solid Concentrates are dissolved as needed into a small plastic reservoir using a HandiFeed™ Mixing Board. The feed solution is pumped into the system being treated, just like with liquid chemicals.


The HandiChem™ system was installed in place of the previous liquid water treatment program. The new solid system provided the proven results of the previous high-performance liquid program while allowing the facility to meet its corporate sustainability initiatives because the HandiChem™ System:

  • Reduces splash and spill concerns
  • Reduces fuel and greenhouse gas emissions associated with product delivery
  • Eliminates drum handling, storage and disposal
  • Reduces packaging requirements and landfill waste

The Chem-Aqua HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment Program proved to be an innovative technology that provided environmentally responsible water treatment and helped achieve corporate sustainable initiatives.


The HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment System from Chem-Aqua