Poultry Processing Factory, Czech Republic

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Drůbežářský závod Klatovy a.s

From 2001 to 2006, production facilities at Drůbežářský závod Klatovy a.s were extensively upgraded, making this 40 year old company one of the most modern food factories in the Czech Republic. Increased demands however on processed poultry resulted in an increase of waste water.




The mechanical waste water treatment plant started suffering high parameters, resulting in insufficient waste water treatment. The customer was experiencing higher concentrations of COD, BOD and Nitrogen, which, if left untreated, would result in costly fines.


NCH Waste Water recommended the installation of 4 patented BioAmp™ units to reduce the high parameters suffered by the company. These initial 4 BioAmps™ were then increased to 7 to ensure efficient reduction of COD, BOD and Nitrogen given the high production of the facility.


The 8-month operation resulted in significant improvements of waste water quality and reduction of COD and BOD concentrations, in spite of processed poultry quantity increase by 40%. The value became stabilised within standard limits set by Sewer Regulations. In addition, concentrations of Nitrogen were reduced by 77%.

Today, the factory is able to ensure stable waste water concentrations of COD, BOD and Nitrogen according to the Sewer Regulations with BioAmp™ technology. The only alternative method to achieve this would have been to construct a new waste water treatment plant at a cost of about 70 million CZK.

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