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Plastic Manufacturer, UK

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Plastic Manufacturer, UK

Our customer is a leading plastic manufacturer in the UK, specialising in injection closures. They are a company dedicated to quality systems management and health and safety. When the management team was presented with the new HandiChem™ system from Chem-Aqua, they immediately realised the potential of improving their water treatment as part of the company's objectives to promote safer, environmentally friendlier solutions.



Although Chem-Aqua’s liquid water treatment program provided good results, several aspects concerning health and safety could be improved by switching to the new HandiChem™ system:

  • Drum handling and disposal concerns are reduced, as operator only handles a 5kg container instead of a 25kg or 200kg drum.
  • Reduced chemical exposure and spillage risk; product is fully encapsulated in 5kg container. The dissolution and feed of the product is fully contained in the HandiFeed™ system
  • More floor space: the solid products are much more concentrated than liquids, therefore much needed floor space can be cleared. Products are delivered in 4x5kg cases that can be stored on a shelf.


The HandiChem™ system replaces the previous liquid treatment. The new solid system provides proven results of the previous high-performance liquid program, while allowing the facility to meet its corporate initiatives:

  • Reduced manual handling, safer and more reliable dispensing
  • Splash and spill concerns are virtually eliminated
  • Chemical drum storage and disposal is eliminated
  • Reduced packaging requirements and landfill waste

HandiChem™ has improved health & safety and reduced chemical storage concerns at this Plastic Manufacturing Plant in UK.

The Chem-Aqua HandiChem™ solid water treatment program is a simple, safe and reliable water treatment solution, which helped achieve customer’s high quality management standards.


The HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment System from Chem-Aqua