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Pingo Doce Supermarket, Portugal

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Pingo Doce, Distribuição Alimentar, SA Portugal

With over 356 stores, Pingo Doce is now the largest supermarket chain in Portugal and has a sales volume above 3,000 million euros. Pingo Doce was established in 1980 and is part of Jeŕonimo Martins Group. Pingo Doce in Peniche also cooks over 6000 meals daily.



Pingo Doce in Peniche has a grease separator with a capacity of 10 m3 and an average daily flow of 33 m3. Given its short retention, the system accumulates a lot of organic matter, resulting in high waste water parameters.


In order to control the waste water parameters in this commercial unit, a BioAmp system was installed. In September, 2 BioAmp™ units were installed upstream of the system (in the industrial kitchen), with spaced discharge times. In March 2012, a third BioAmp™ was installed for better control and consolidation treatment.


Two months after beginning the treatment, the FreeFlow™ bacteria (dispensed through the BioAmp™ units) lowered the waste water parameters to an acceptable level. In addition, the customer substantially reduced the cleaning and maintenance of the grease traps. The BioAmp™ system proved to be an excellent treatment regarding the values of COD (from 1800 to 1200 mg / L), BOD (from 440 to 110 mg / L) and TSS (from 580 to 330 mg / L), keeping the FOG within the maximum allowable values.