Office Block, UK

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Office Block, UK

This 11 storey office block is located on the Eastern fringe of London. At the time of construction it had the longest band of glass in the UK and is now a Grade II listed building.



The office block already had a good dosing set up, which meant the only element that required modifying was the chemical delivery system. The HandiChem™ system was the perfect choice due to its innovation and resourcefully green factors.

There were also concerns from the engineers on site about transporting chemicals and storing chemicals (in a basement). The HandiChem™ system eliminates health and safety concerns.


The HandiChem™ solid system was installed; utilising much of the sites existing dosing set up. The new solid system:

  • Reduces splash and spill concerns
  • Reduces fuel and greenhouse gas emissions associated with product delivery
  • Eliminates drum handling, storage and disposal
  • Reduces packaging requirements and landfill waste

The Chem-Aqua HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment Program proved to be an innovative technology that provided environmentally responsible water treatment and helped achieve corporate sustainable initiatives.


The HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment System from Chem-Aqua

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