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Meat Processing Plant, UK

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Meat Processing Plant, UK

Our customer is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fresh foods, including: pork, sausages and bacon. With several locations across England and Wales, they supply well-known brands of fresh food products to supermarkets across the UK.

A few years ago, our customer launched a Green Thinking program. A dedicated Environmental Project Management Team was put in place. Their objectives included: ISO 14001 Environmental Standard implementation to all locations and clear targets for reduction in process water and CO2 emissions per ton of product.



When presented with Chem-Aqua’s new HandiChem™ system, the management team realised the potential it could bring to help meet the requirements of their Green Thinking program:

  • Reduced weight compared with liquids, therefore lower greenhouse emissions associated with product delivery
  • Reduced packaging requirements and landfill waste
  • 100% consumption of chemical at the point of use, therefore no drum triple rinsing required

A further, deeper analysis on site highlighted further significant benefits. The refrigeration system includes 5 evaporative condensers. These were treated using liquid chemicals that had to be carried manually up two flights of stairs, resulting in handling concerns and risk of injury and spillages. The boilers in the boiler house were treated with a liquid all-in-one product. The chemical tank was located on a bund where it took two men to lift 220kg in weight. This resulted in manual handling concerns, while technically it provided no flexibility in controlling the chemistry in the boiler.


Chem-Aqua’s HandiChem™ system was installed in place of the previous liquid water treatment program. The new solid system helped the facility to meet its green corporate initiative objective. In addition, it provided:

  • Reduced manual handling, safer and more reliable dispensing
  • Splash and spill concerns virtually eliminated
  • Space saving

With Chem-Aqua’s HandiChem™ system, drum handling and disposal concerns are reduced, as operator only handles a 5kg container instead of heavy liquid drums. In addition, there is reduced chemical exposure and spillage risk, as the dissolution and feed of the product is fully contained in the HandiFeed™ system.

The Chem-Aqua HandiChem™ solid water treatment program is a simple, safe and reliable water treatment solution, which helped achieve customer’s high quality management standards.


The HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment System from Chem-Aqua