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Le Porte Franche, Italy

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Le Porte Franche, Botteghe, Franciacorta, Italy

The shopping centre Le Porte Franche – Botteghe in Franciacorta, opened on 30th October 1998. This complex consists of 120 shops, a multiplex with 6 rooms and a food area known as ‘piazza del divertimento’ – square of fun as well as a selection of bars and restaurants. The total area covers 47.000m².



Due to the layer of grease on the surface, the lift station collecting waste water from restaurants on the second floor of the shopping centre required emptying on a monthly basis.


NCH Waste Water installed 1 BioAmp™ unit in May 2011 in the draining column of the ‘Piadineria’ (sandwich and pizza shop). The purpose of this was to reduce grease build-up in the lift station.


After 3 months with the BioAmp™ treatment, the maintenance manager confirmed a drastic reduction of grease in the lift station and consequently a reduction in emptying, the lift station is now emptied every four months instead of every month.

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