Fresh Pasta Producer, Italy

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Fresh Pasta Producer, Italy

This Italian fresh pasta producer is a leader in the European fresh pasta market. They have achieved this through continuous innovation, superior quality and by consolidating the strength of a brand that, in decades, has been able to gain the trust of millions of consumers.

They provide tradition and innovation to offer many specialities including; gnocchi, ravioli, tagliatelle, fresh sauces, lasagne and cannelloni




Waste water from washing equipment was continually blocking pipes due to organic matter and was causing a build-up of oils and grease in the lift station and 2 grease traps. To keep values of COD, BOD and SS below set limits, an external company was being used to drain the grease traps and lift station at a high cost every week.


After a visit and a careful analysis of the drain map, NCH Waste Water recommended the installation of 1 BioAmp™ at the start of the first grease trap to reduce the build-up of oils and grease and to keep values of BOD, COD and SS within set levels.


After 3 months with BioAmp™, draining of the lift station and 2 grease traps is now only required every 3 weeks, providing a saving of €12.500 per year. Blockages and odours in the pipes have now been eliminated and values of COD, BOD and SS stay below set limits, removing the risk of fines and charges. Traditional biological products are also no longer used, saving €3.000 per year.

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