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Food Manufacturer, UK

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Food Manufacturer, UK

Our customer is a large well established manufacturer of processed meat, located in a central city area in England.



The cooling tower and boiler treatment chemical drums were stored in a shared access area for the engineering department. The area has heavy foot fall and a requirement for fork lift access.

The cooling tower chemical dosing and storage equipment was partly blocking fork lift access to the area, meaning that possible drum damage and chemical spillage was a risk.

As part of company’s green initiative, the site had just installed a 6m3 wash down tank in this area, making space a real premium.


Following a site survey by Chem-Aqua, HandiFeed™ solid boards were installed, which replaced the entire liquid chemical storage need

The cooling tower chemical tanks have been replaced with wall mounted boards. This has removed everything on the floor and as the dosing station is just inside the door, provided much needed extra storage space, while removing the risk of any spillage accidents from foot fall or fork lift activities.

The chemical storage bund, where previously 25kg drums of liquid chemical were stored has been removed. The HandiPak® solid cartridges are kept in the engineering parts storage area on the shelves. The site benefits from the HandiChem™ solid system include:

  • Removed risk of spillage, by removing cumbersome chemical liquid storage tanks and storage bund
  • Removed manual handling issues (sometimes tanks etc, would have to be moved to allow access)
  • Maximised total available storage space
  • Added another “green” product to their growing portfolio


The HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment System from Chem-Aqua