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Consorzio Grossisti Industria, Italy

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Consorzio Grossisti Industria, Italy

Owned by the Muncipality of Turin, Consorzio Grossisti is a slaughterhouse in Italy. The plant slaughters bovines of varying ages and operates 5 days a week. The plant produces over 50 tons per day (200 animals per day, 44000 per year).

Waste water coming from the room and equipment cleansing goes through a pre-treatment screening (size is less than 6mm) before it then flows into the public sewer by means of an internal pipe 300 meters long. Daily drain capacity: about 200m³. Yearly drain volume: about 50.000m³



The accumulation of grease in the pipes and inspection holes required daily removal. This was done manually by internal personnel. Every 2 months high pressure washing (canal jetting) also needed to be carried out by a qualified company to prevent pipe obstruction.


Having studied the problem with the customer, NCH Waste Water suggested the installation of a biogenerator BioAmp™ and after 3 months, another BioAmp™ to eliminate grease accumulation. The 2 BioAmp™ units were installed underground near the slaughter area, where the washing and waste water merges. This allows FreeFlow™ to be released near the pre-treatment screening.


The first biogenerator BioAmp™ was installed in February 2012, after 3 months the customer noticed an initial reduction of grease in the traps. A second BioAmp™ was installed in June 2012. In September 2012, grease in the pipes and traps were substantially reduced. The customer now no longer needs to carry out canal jetting and the manual removal of grease from the 2 holes is no longer necessary.