The development of automatic scent atomisers means businesses and individuals can enjoy efficient technological solutions to scent their environments. These clever devices are of particular use in commercial facilities. There are businesses that need to use room fragrance in order to maintain a pleasant ambiance. For example, food preparation facilities, industrial factories or healthcare environments. These businesses want a quick and unobtrusive solution to odour removal that leaves a subtle yet clean scent.

Commercial facility scenting devices can neutralise and replace bad odours with fresh scents whenever needed, at the touch of a button – or in fact with these clever machines, there is no need to even touch a button! These fragrance dispersal devices are extremely convenient because they work automatically, either on a pre-programmed timer schedule or when they detect movement via infrared, spritzing scent and neutralising odour molecules whenever required. So they are completely fuss-free and can be left to scent to their own devices!

Room fragrance systems can be super smart as they are powered by the latest connected technology, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This makes them programmable and enables them to be controlled remotely. Pure tech also allows connection between the scent machines and other smart technology. There are many automated cleaning and fragrance devices on the market that can work in harmony, in order to provide a complete solution to cleansing, sanitising and fragrancing a building or facility.

Another bonus of the latest scent nebulising or fragrance fogging devices, as they are also known, is that they are easy to replenish with refill scents. Cartridges can be easily taken out and a replacement put back in within seconds. Devices can also send an alert when they are low on fragrance liquid, ensuring that they never run out. A facilities manager or cleaning operative can receive an alert on their mobile device via an app and act accordingly to replenish the device.

Fragrance foggers are also extremely cost-effective, with scent refills lasting a long time. When the concentrated scent is dispersed in a mist, only a small amount of it is needed each time. This minimal dosage is required because the scent molecules neutralise the odour molecules and don’t just mask them. Therefore, bad odour is effectively removed quickly and doesn’t need to be sprayed repeatedly, whereas in the past excessive amounts of air freshener was often used to eliminate odours.

The long-lasting power of these fragrance fogging devices and the fact that they use minimal scent to perform a great job means that they are an extremely economical solution for businesses. This makes these vaporising scent machines an ideal commercial choice, rather than the traditional domestic room scenting products. Convenience, cost and effectiveness all add up to make room fragrance devices the modern scenting solution for today’s commercial facilities.

If businesses want to have complete peace of mind that their room fragrance is being taken care of, there is also a choice to schedule a managed scent replacement service. This means that the scent atomisers do not have to be monitored by cleaning staff or facilities managers. Companies that provide the scenting devices can also provide serviced refills, with operatives visiting a facility to service and replenish the room fragrance devices.

Therefore, businesses don’t have to even think about their scent management, they can simply rely on a managed service to keep their room fragrance systems working optimally. This gives a lot of commercial confidence to businesses, because they know that they are portraying the right image of their company by ensuring that their scent machines are projecting a scent that encourages staff and visitors to feel comfortable.

At NCH we provide a range of room scents and fragrance fogging machines that disperse scent effectively and neutralise odour. We have a new range of subtle scents called Mystic Air, that provide countless hours of freshness to businesses and help to continually and seamlessly fragrance commercial facilities.

We also provide a managed refills service that takes the hassle of maintaining the fragrance devices away, ensuring complete satisfaction and peace of mind to businesses. For more information visit our website