Biological wastewater treatment providers: NCH Europe

Looking for biological wastewater treatment solutions that you can count on? NCH provides biological wastewater treatment systems to keep businesses across Europe running smoothly and efficiently. We have a wide range of biological wastewater treatment solutions tailored to your needs. As leading biological wastewater treatment providers, we pride ourselves on providing customers with a customised wastewater treatment solution that will be the most appropriate for your workplace.

Biological wastewater treatment solutions

Biological wastewater treatment has been used for many years in a variety of industrial applications. However the challenge has been to deliver a consistent, high volume of bacteria that’s effective and cost efficient: BioAmp is the solution to this challenge.

BioAmp is a computer controlled microbial fermentation unit installed on site, which delivers large amount of active naturally occurring bacteria into drains, grease traps, lift stations and wastewater treatment plants. Our biological wastewater treatment solutions eliminate the need for customer’s time and attention. All of our BioAmp biological wastewater systems are monitored and serviced by an NCH Wastewater representative.