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Yüzey Sanitize Edici Temizleyiciler



Alcohol surface sanitiser.

Safe for food surfaces, requires no rinsing.

  • Ready to use
  • Evaporates fast
  • Biodegradable
  • Broad effectiveness range
  • Works against a wide range of micro-organisms; contains sequestrants and an additional active ingredient to give even greater effectiveness
Everbrite FG Wet Wipes

Everbrite FG Wet Wipes

Wet wipes for cleaning and disinfecting

Effective against a wide spectrum of viruses, bacteria, algae and fungi

Disposable wipes that clean and disinfect even heavily contaminated surfaces

  • Clean, disinfect and deodorise in a single operation
  • Food grade; can be used on any surface that can be cleaned with water, including food contact surfaces
  • Leaves no soapy film or objectionable odour
  • Woven technology increases the strength, enabling longer wipe action



Genel amaçlı dezenfektan temizleyici

Çok çeşitli virüsler, bakteriler, mantarlar ve mayalara karşı etkili, güçlü dezenfektan

  • Temizler, sterilize eder ve dezenfekte eder
  • Hastaneler, veterinerler ve gıda ile temas eden yüzeylerde kullanım içindir
  • Durulama gerektirmez
  • Kokuyu yok eder
Foam N Chlor

Foam N Chlor

Foaming chlorine cleaner and sanitiser.

Cleans and sanitises all washable surfaces in one operation.

  • Active against multiple bacteria, mould and fungi
  • Ideal for use in food areas
  • Clings to vertical surfaces; longer contact time providing effective sanitation
  • Removes greases and organic residues
  • Suitable to comply with HACCP requirements


Alcohol surface disinfectant, contains more than 70% alcohol.

Requires no rinsing.

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