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Cooling Tower Treatment

Cooling tower treatment solutions from NCH Europe

NCH Europe provides cooling tower water treatment solutions for industries including hospitality, industrial and infrastructure.  Our cooling tower treatment solutions do much more than just protect your cooling water systems from corrosion, deposits and microbiological growth. Our cooling tower treatment solutions maximise the life of your cooling water system, at the same time as keeping energy, water and maintenance costs as low as possible.

With the latest technology in industrial maintenance, industry expertise and quality solutions we have the tools to best understand our customer requirements and provide quality bespoke solutions. Meet sustainability goals and maximise efficiency of operations with our unparalleled knowledge and technical competency. 

Water treatment required to ensure a safe, reliable and efficient cooling tower system

NCH Chem-Aqua provides water treatment technology for all kinds of cooling system designs and applications, not just cooling towers. Including:

- Open recirculating systems: evaporative condensers, fluid coolers and cooling towers

- Closed loop systems: chilled water, process loops and thermal storage systems

- Once through systems

Our solutions also include solid water treatment and Legionella Control risk reduction. 


Are you interested in our cooling tower treatment solutions?

Reduce downtime, increase efficiency and cut costs. Find out more information about the industrial maintenance solutions and services available to you from NCH Europe.

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