The issue of organic material build-up in drains is a universal problem that causes domestic and commercial drainage woes around the world. Blockages are caused by residue build-up. Once the residue forms to the point where running water cannot flow freely, an obstruction is caused that requires removal.

In domestic properties normal causes of drain build-up include a wide variety of organic and man-made substances. Food, soap, shampoo, shaving cream, hair, skin cells and toilet paper are all substances that frequently clog drains. Mineral deposits, along with dirt and sediment, can also cause drain blockages.

In industrial and commercial environments, blockages may be caused by food and build-up of organic material that can cause grease to accumulate. Stone and metal blockages can also sometimes occur. For heavy duty blockages, heavy duty un-blocking solutions are required!

Commercial grade heavy duty drain un-blockers are needed in these circumstances in order to have the drainage system up and running again. A super-strength drain cleaner will remove severe blockages caused by personal hygiene products, grease, hair, paper and most other detritus.

Any build up needs to be addressed before it becomes too much of a problem, as the associated risks of blocked drains are severe, causing damage to property and environmental health issues. If a blocked drain is left unattended for too long, there is the possibility that the blockage could overload and cause a burst pipe. Severe damage to a property can result from this.

Post pandemic, in terms of drainage, the risks for reopening buildings and public facilities that have been closed up for nearly eighteen months could be extensive. Materials may have hardened in pipes that have been out of use for a long period and they will need clearing prior to buildings being brought up to full operational capacity.

At NCH Europe, we are specialists in tackling drain blockages and build-ups. Our Wastewater solutions help clean and clear industrial drains, pipes and other components that deal with production waste of all kinds. This could be anything from run off from manufacturing processes, organic waste from food service operations or chemical by-products that befoul pipes.

NCH Facilities provide patented, eco-friendly technology products that help our customers save money and boost efficiency. We make sure that our customers have the right product tailored to their specific needs by getting to know their facility. We perform a free, no obligation site survey that identifies problem areas and comes up with the best treatment solutions for each customer’s particular needs.

In order to keep drains cleaner for longer, NCH Facilities offer drain maintenance services to regularly cut through grease and organic matter. For businesses that are re-opening after lockdown, site surveys and ongoing drain maintenance may be essential in order to get the pipes and drains at their facilities performing efficiently again. Our no-obligation site visits provide a chance for business owners to have their sites assessed prior to re-opening.

NCH Facilities can provide a number of different drain maintenance services to our customers, depending on their need. We have a range of biological treatments to reduce fat, oil and grease (FOG). We also provide concentrated liquid drain openers or deodorant for drains that are temporarily out of use.

NCH Facilities DC Super Drain product creates a chemical reaction to resolve blockages and organic material build-ups in drains. With a formulation derived by NCH’s own team of chemists, it crucially maintains a high heat for more than ten minutes, meaning the clearing power travels further. This results in the whole pipe being thoroughly cleared. This level of enhanced product efficiency ultimately means there is a need for less treatments over time.

We also specialise in advanced biological drain and wastewater treatment systems. Our NCH BioAmp solution provides a combination of advanced engineering and microbiology. The use of microorganisms for wastewater treatment is a well-established practice. Natural bio-cultures are an efficient and effective way to clear blockages and transform pollutants into benign substances.

BioAmp delivers a large amount of active, naturally occurring bacteria directly into drains, grease traps, lift stations or wastewater treatment plants. The bacteria have a broader benefit as they continue neutralising harmful bacteria in the drainage system. Bacterial cleaning products are also beneficial because they don’t just mask odours, they digest fats in a highly efficient way that lasts longer than alternate treatments. Our bacteria becomes a part of your ecosystem, superseding the wild bacteria and creating healthier environments with reduced risks and odours.

Bacterial drainage solutions like BioAmp are also less harmful to the environment than chemical drain cleaners. This is an important benefit as we are all aware of the harm many cleaning chemicals do to the environment. Many of us would like to use more environmentally friendly products, particularly with the increased focus on the harmful effects of climate change that we are now seeing come to fruition.

To browse NCH’s range of wastewater and drain cleaning solutions visit our website and feel free to call us for a no-obligation site visit today.