NCH Europe is passionate about environmental welfare, renewable energy and wastewater treatment. As water regulations become more rigid, businesses are beginning to adapt their wastewater strategy to create a greener future for future generations.

NCH’s high quality wastewater products are especially formulated to reduce drain maintenance and help businesses achieve their environmental goals. Cut through fats, oil and grease (FOG) as well as other organic materials such as hair to protect your network of drains for longer. Choose NCH and extend the lifespan and efficiency of your building’s plumbing system, removing foul odours and eliminating back-ups and blockages.


NCH Europe’s selection of premium wastewater management products

liquid drain opener product image

Liquid drain opener

Many liquid drain openers emit toxic and dangerous fumes. From liquid drain pipe opener to liquid drain pipe concentrate, NCH’s liquid drain cleaning solutions will reduce your plumbing costs - these highly viscous, non-fuming and acid free formulas combat the accumulation of organic matter that lead to blockages.

powdered drain opener product image

Powdered drain opener

NCH’s innovative powder treatments have been designed and developed to tackle the toughest, most hard-to-reach drain blockages. Our powdered drain cleaners are composed of a specifically designed, non-flammable and non-explosive chemical formula – this formula attacks solids via heat penetration.

biological drain maintainer product image

Biological drain maintainer

Experts in industrial drain management, we provide unbeatable biological drain maintainer products that use bacteria to digest organic waste rather than just breaking it up, which can cause blockages further down the wastewater system. These solutions not only temporarily unblock drains, they keep fats, oil and grease away.

drain deodorant product image

Drain deodorant

Unsavoury smells can have a detrimental impact on businesses across Europe. Ensuring out-of-use drains are kept clean and odour free is vital to a safe and pleasant working environment. NCH is dedicated to providing biodegradable, organic, odour relieving solutions to leave drains smelling fresh and free of toxic solvents and caustics.

natural drain degreaser product image

Natural drain degreaser

Minimising environmental impact and protecting employee health is at the core of NCH’s organic product development process. Our natural drain degreasers offer a long-term solution to the accumulation of FOG (fats, oils and grease) and TSS (total suspended solids) by safely neutralising odours and emulsifying heavy grease.