NCH Hand Cleaning Station

Clean, Protect and Condition – the importance of hand cleaning to keep industry running has never been more important.

Here you will find information on the Hand Care Station located in your facility and NCH’s Industrial Hand Care Programme.

Minimise instances of viral infection and occupational skin conditions amongst employees by combining a regime of appropriate skin cleaning products with protective barrier creams and moisturising conditioning creams.

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The first step in any hand care regime is to ensure hands are clean, and grease, soils and germs are removed.

When To Clean Hands

Before starting work, during the working day as appropriate, before & after designated breaks and at the end of the working day.

Hand Cleaner Options:

HDHC Natural

Uses a non-abrasive, natural olive stone scrub to remove extremely heavy soils from hands, such as oils, grease and grime. Contains Aloe vera. Free from plastic microbeads that harm the environment.


Hanna Natural

Heavy duty hand cleaning paste, formulated with our highest volume of natural olive stone scrub along with Aloe vera, providing an intensive clean, tough on dirt but leaves hands smooth and fresh. Free from plastic microbeads that harm the environment.



Ready to use liquid hand cleaner, that gently conditions the skin whilst removing heavy soils.


Hand Sanitizer

Perfume-free antibacterial hand soap that provides maximum protection against cross infection.


NCH carries a wide range of hand cleaners for every application.

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Barrier creams shield skin from occasional contact with many irritants including mild acids, grease, solvents etc. However, they should not be used as a replacement for required PPE equipment such as gloves. They are used in industrial applications and as a cosmetic to place a physical barrier between the skin and contaminants that may irritate the skin.

When To Apply

Protective barrier creams should be applied to hands before work and during breaks to provide protection for skin from irritation and drying.

Exaderm Plus

Protective skin cream that provides complete protection for skin from irritation and drying.

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Conditioning Moisturising Creams

The regular use of after-work, restorative creams can help maintain the skin in a healthy condition. These creams help replenish lost natural oils, keeping the skin soft and supple; avoiding dryness.

When To Apply

Conditioning moisturising creams should be applied at lunch breaks and the end of the working day, as part of the Clean, Protect and Condition industrial hand care programme.


Moisturising hand lotion that leaves hands feeling soft and smooth. Contains Aloe vera.

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(Optional add-on, not present on all hand care stations)

Sanitising hand rubs should contain a minimum of 60% alcohol to effectively remove bacteria from the skin. Alcohol hand rubs are ideal when soap and water are not a viable option or as additional protection once hands have been washed.

Healthy Hands with Aloe II

Instant anti-bacterial hand-rub with Aloe vera; provides no-rinse hand disinfection with more than 70% alcohol. Bactericidal according to EN 1276 and EN 12054. Also effective against H1N1 virus according to EN 14476.


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