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In Belgium you’ll also be able to see the past and present living side by side, in the shape of medieval towns, contemporary art museums and more.

Belgium possesses a series of trade advantages that help make its economy strong, including a central geographic location, highly developed transport network and a productive work force.

Belgium’s economic growth is driven mainly by the service, manufacturing and construction sectors. The country’s key exports are machinery, chemicals, finished diamonds, metals and foodstuffs.



11 Million

Capital City


Monetary Unit

€ Euro


3ºC - 18ºC

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By joining us here at NCH Europe in Belgium, you’ll play an important role in helping make businesses more efficient, profitable and eco-friendly.

We have all kinds of opportunities available: whether you’re looking for a sales representative role, a skilled technician position or a support staff role, we’re bound to have something that will be perfect for your skills and experience.

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NCH Europella työskentelet eri alojen asiantuntijoiden ja johtavien ammattilaisten kanssa. Lisäksi pääset seuraamaan innovaatiivisten tuotteiden kehitystä, joista riittää aina uutta opittavaa.

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At NCH Europe, we are proud to be industry leaders. We supply innovative maintenance, energy and water solutions to our clients around the continent.

Without us, businesses wouldn't be saving as much money without compromising high quality standards.

Must-attend event

for fun Belgium

For Fun

Rock Werchter is one of the most famous music festivals in Belgium, featuring a myriad of big acts from pop and rock.

for work Belgium

For Work

The Maintenance is a 2 days event which takes place in Antwerp and focuses on; tools, equipment, lubricants and more.

Sounding good so far? You will also be pleased to know we provide a range of staff perks.

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