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In 2021 we reduced CO2 emissions with our HandiPak and HandiBloc product deliveries across Europe equivalent to 3075 trees!

Find out how you can reduce your carbon footprint whilst improving your water treatment with HandiChem solid water treatment


Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

When we make better products, we improve the sustainability of everyone that buys them. When we create ways of working that protect resources and the environment, we reduce the impact of everyone we work with. Sustainability icon

NCH is proud of the sustainable changes we have made and the improvements we are continuing to make. The companies we work with benefit from our approach, and we benefit when other companies improve their processes. Together, every incremental change we make is amplified across our markets and audiences.

Together, we can make the world better for everyone today, this century and beyond.


A Sustainable Guide to Industrial Products

As part of COP26, NCH Europe release a guide to industrial products highlighting the sustainable changes needed across the modern industrial landscape to combat the ecological factors of climate change.

Take a look at some examples of the efforts we have made to improve the planet we live on:


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