We’re proud to have over 90 years of history.

NCH has grown from a single location in Texas to a global leader in industrial maintenance products and services. NCH Corporation is a leading international marketer of maintenance products. NCH Europe is proud of this legacy and provides water, energy and maintenance solutions to our customers.


NCH was originally known as National Disinfectant Company when it was founded in 1919, Dallas Texas by Milton P. Levy Sr. Leadership of the company remains in the hands of the Levy family to this day.

National Disinfectant’s original line of products was fairly small; it included a coal tar disinfectant, an insecticide and liquid hand soap for institutional use. The company was a small, efficient operation; orders received in the morning would be delivered the same day in the afternoon.

Milton P. Levy Sr. understood the value of providing both quality products and service to his customers. He and his enterprising staff developed relationships with their customers and learned the sales principles that would ultimately make his company a worldwide success.

After thirty years, a second generation of leadership – the founder’s sons, Milton, Lester and Irvin assumed more responsibility. Under their early direction, they expanded NCH’s sales throughout the Texas region.

The brothers supplied the vision of what NCH was to become – a leader in the speciality maintenance market. Profits were reinvested in production equipment, expanded administrate support and research and development efforts. Over a period of years, NCH began to produce almost all of its own products.

By 1955, NCH was experiencing tremendous success and continuing to expand. With faster, dependable rail service and truck lines, supplying and servicing customers across large geographical areas became easier. This ability had a profound impact on the company’s business strategy.


Within a few years, NCH opened offices in New York and Los Angeles. To keep up with increasing demand, NCH built four new manufacturing plants throughout the US. In the 1960s, NCH began international expansion into Mexico and today operates around the world in more than 50 countries.

NCH continues to seek new opportunities and provides solutions to customers in North and Latin America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Globally there are now more than 8,500 employees and technical representatives within NCH.

Though the world has gone through dramatic changes since 1919, NCH’s fundamental vision has never changed – to anticipate and respond to customer needs.

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