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Customer approach

NCH exists because of its customers. We believe in ‘people doing business with people’.

NCH develops and grows a direct sales force network to nurture personal relationships, continuously enhance customer understanding and drive market penetration.

NCH Europe focuses efforts and investments based on our customer needs. We strive to solve problems and provide technical knowhow, allowing us to assist our customers and always provide the right solution for their operations.

At NCH Europe we provide our customers with understanding of our products & solutions and the applications in which they can be used. We believe that our sales people, backed by an extensive network of qualified chemists, technical expertise and research and development, are best placed to identify the requirements of our customers and recommend the correct solutions.

Customers have always been at the forefront of NCH; that’s why you won’t find a product catalogue on our website. Your equipment, machinery, buildings and staff are too valuable to be left to chance. Our sales representatives will take the time to carefully listen to your requirements so they can recommend a solution tailored to your particular circumstances.