Structural Adhesives from NCH Partsmaster

NCH Partsmaster provides a range of structural adhesives that offers high levels of tensile and peel strength with excellent resistance to impact.

This range of adhesives has come closest to meeting the claim they can chemically weld materials together. They are now commonly being used to replace more traditional methods of assembly, riveting and welding; particularly on thin gauge materials.

Structural adhesives including the latest technology acrylics

Our range of structural adhesives includes the latest technology acrylics. We offer several grades, from those ideal for bonding small to medium size components; to large gap filling high strength grades, ideal for bonding larger components in production and larger maintenance applications.

Handling strength is produced in a relatively short time - 15 minutes; full cure can take up to 24 hours.

Choosing the right structural adhesives for the job

Typical applications of structural adhesives from NCH Partsmaster include: fixing brackets onto composite structures, securing pieces of body work onto a main frame or chassis and attaching signs and architectural structures onto buildings and facades.

Time consuming and costly repairs are overcome with structural adhesives from NCH Partsmaster. They can be used on lift manufacture, wooden worktops and engine covers and compartments on fork lift trucks and diggers. They are also used in the leisure industry (caravans, speed boats, snowboards and jet skis) and for bus and coach building (sub frame assembly and roof bonding).