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Torrent DryBlast

Torrent Dryblast is perfect for fast removal of hard to remove contaminants.

Combines heavy duty, dust free cleaning for even the most difficult soils; Delivering perfect cleaning time after time, increasing productivity facilitated by outstanding visibility.

Torrent Dryblast is ideal for the removal of coatings and rust; delivering media from a pressurised chamber to increase the cleaning power.

With a range of uses; Torrent DryBlast not only removes hard to clean contaminants including scale, but can also be used as part of a surface preparation process. Torrent DryBlast can be used as a pre-clean before using Torrent WetBlast to polish the newly cleaned surface.

Solid contamination, including rust and lime scale, is rapidly removed with Torrent DryBlast due to high force impact of media on the component being cleaned.

Torrent DryBlast cleans by impact, removing: carbon, rust, paint (not powder coating), lacquer, lime scale, ink and heavy soils. For fast removal of hard to remove contaminants, Torrent Dryblast is the ideal solution.

Need to prepare a surface for paint or refinishing? Torrent DryBlast removes heavy contamination where the surface finish is not critical. It is a perfect pre-clean before using Torrent WetBlast, which provides a visually pleasing finish.

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Severely Rusted Part - Not cleaned with dryblast
Severely Rusted Part - Not cleaned with dryblast


Sparkling Clean Part - Cleaned with dryblast
Sparkling Clean Part - Cleaned with dryblast

Torrent DryBlast is the ideal parts cleaning choice for the removal of carbonised grease and oil in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul applications (MRO) including:

  • Automotive
  • Rail
  • Marine


Other applications include:



Removal of layers of paint (using plastic media).

Aircraft braking / wheel maintenance NDT testing


Precision engineering:

To degrease and key the surface prior to plating and anodising,

mechanical deburring,

removal of machining marks

Why Customers Choose Torrent Wetblast


Operational Efficiency

  • Machine, media and chemistry combined to optimize your productivity via our application expertise


  • Integrated flood light and the large window design allow your operator to inspect whilst they clean


  • Torrent DryBlast is designed based on more than 45 years in blasting services


  • Torrent DryBlast has been built to the highest standards using the best quality components to deliver reliable, effective cleaning


  • Dedicated service techicians and account representatives working as partners to support your business.


  • Our team has over 10 years experience on average, they are highly trained, knowledgable and service focused professionals

Our Strengths

Performance - Unique pump design delivers fluid and media cleaning performance


Innovation - Our experience across many decades in blasting is incorporated into our design


Precise - Large viewing window with high performance flood lighting allows greater cleaning accuracy

Competitors Weakness

! Reliability and aftersales - low cost components making the machines unreliable + reputation for poor service.


! Inexperienced Staff - High turnover of staff, high pressure sales environment forced close approach


! Limited expertise - machine or chemical or service, rarely all 3 in combination


By selecting Torrent Wetblast or Dryblast NCH customers will:


  • Enhance their operational efficiency and gain productivity


  • Benefit from NCH expertise and dedicated service teams


  • Achieve a consistent, reliable, high performance clean with minimal operator input

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