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Whether you are looking for abrasive solutions for cutting, grinding, blending and deburring, surface preparation or polishing; NCH Partsmaster provides a range of premium solutions that provide fast stock removal and are longer lasting, reducing disc change over.

Constructed using the highest performing abrasive grits, bonding agents, backing materials and structure; our products deliver outstanding results and many include features unique to NCH Partsmaster.

Don’t miss out! See how our discs match up to your current supplier’s and start benefitting from the added features of our Abrasive line

The NCH Partsmaster range of adhesives provides a wide range of bonding options, no matter the substrate. From instant cyanoacrylate adhesives that bond in seconds, through some of the most advanced anaerobic products for sealing and thread locking to our strongest structural adhesives, which provide the highest levels of tensile and peel strength, with excellent resistance to impact.

Are you currently using a range of anaerobic adhesive products for thread locking, flange sealing, pipe sealing and bearing retaining? Mega All White is an all in one anaerobic adhesive sealant designed for a multitude of locking and sealing applications and is the only product you need.

Isn’t it time you upgraded your inventory? With a wide range of tough, durable adhesives, including our exclusive Super Strength Technology, now’s the time to find the solution that’s right for you

The Cryotool® line has been proven to dramatically outperform non-cryo-treated cutting tools. How? We freeze them!

Partsmaster's patented, computer- controlled Cryophase™ process permeates the tool and realigns the molecular structure. This creates tools that cut longer, have greater torsion strength and greater flexibility. Longer tool life reduces downtime and set-up costs by up to 50%.

The NCH Partsmaster range of cutting tools features; drills, burrs, end mills, screw extractors and saw blades all benefitting from the Cryophase™ improved tool toughness.

Want to improve your tool toughness? When tools are made stronger, they last longer; find out how this can reduce your costs today

The problem of broken screws, bolts and fasteners is common in many industries and removal of them is often time consuming and costly, resulting in downtime and loss of production.

The Cryo Ex-Tract system quickly removes sunken, broken studs and bolts, up to and including M16 (in all common grades up to 12.9) and can replace costly spark erosion. Cryo Ex-Tract allows you to remove these sunken, broken components as and when you require, without waiting for a mobile spark erosion company or needing to send the component away.

I want to know more! Find out about our simple three step removal approach and the impact this can have on your equipment

Our specialist pipe repair products provide fast, cost effective solutions to leaking or damaged pipe work, ensuring your damaged pipes are returned to normal service with minimum down time, offering you significant cost savings.

The concise range of pipe repair products offers easy solutions to mend most damaged or leaking pipes and includes; easy to apply epoxy putty for sealing and plugging holes, water activated bandages to reinforce and protect pipes and self-amalgamating tape for sealing pipes under pressure, even whilst liquid is still flowing.

Get pipe repair ready! Make sure you have the right products on hand to instantly repair damaged or leaking pipes – don’t wait until it's too late!

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