Rust & Corrosion

“Rust is costlier than all other natural disasters combined” Rust: The Longest War - Jonathon Waldman

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Metal Matters: Managing the rust threat

If left untreated rust can cause extensive damage through deterioration or weakening of metallic bonds. Rust and corrosion causes millions of Euros of damage every year. Experts believe a percentage of corrosion related costs could be avoided with the correct prevention and treatment solutions.

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Advanced rust management technologies from NCH

The R&D chemists at NCH have formulated a range of solutions for the management of rust & corrosion; from our groundbreaking and patented pH neutral rust removal solution X-Rust 7, to the latest hybrid coating technology used by our rust encapsulation system Salvage 2+.

Prepare, Treat, Protect – a three step approach to rust management

By taking a three step approach to rust managment, NCH can provide a comprehensive solution whatever the rust threat facing your business.

Step 1: Degrease

Before undertaking any form rust treatment, first remove and loose rust and use an NCH industrial degreaser to ensure the surface is free from contaminants which may impair the performance of any treatment solution.

Step 2: Treat

Rust removal; NCH can provide a number of solutions to completely remove rust, including the latest pH neutral solutions X-Rust 7 and X-Rust 7 Gel or the powerful Etch Klenz Extra.

Encapsulation or conversion; Salvage 2+ encapsulates rust without the need for removal by painting it directly onto the rusty surface, stopping further corrosion and providing outstanding protection. Alternatively Chelade converts rust into primer, which once painted over provides long term protection.

Step 3: Protect

Unless you have fully encapsulated the rust using Salvage 2+, you will need to protect the surface to prevent rust returning: NCH provide a range of aerosol coatings; Hy Zinc Extra, AL 217 and Stay Put formulated to provide long term protection against corrosion. Alternatively our temporary protective coatings, Show HI (Wax) and Resist X Extra (Oil) provide protection from rust during both indoor and outdoor storage as well as during transportation.

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When can rust occur?

  • Production: Freshly, cut, machined or milled metal are at risk from flash rusting
  • Transport: From transport infrastructure to transported goods
  • Storage: Moisture can lead to the corrosion of components, equipment or tools during storage
  • Structural: Pipe and storage tanks through to buildings and bridges will all be subject to corrosion over time

NCH rust management technologies can help you deal with all of the above instances.

Contact NCH today to start benefitting from our advanced rust management technologies and let us tailor solution that’s right for your business.


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