Don’t slip up; put a stop to spills, leaks and drips with the right absorbent solutions. Any number of spillages can occur in the workplace, causing employee injury, regulatory fines and damage to the environment.

Make sure you’re equipped to handle all spills, leaks and drips with the right preventative and curative spill management solutions from NCH Maintenance.

Our granule and powdered solutions are on hand for those emergency situations; our range includes specialist products to handle either water based or hydrocarbon spills, with absorbency rates reaching as high as 300 times their own weight!

We also carry a wide range of mats, rolls and socks to contain and manage spills as well as to place under that piece of equipment that keeps on leaking oil!

Along with additional helpful items such as wiping towels, gloves and plastic bags we give you everything you need to safely and efficiently clean up spills, leaks and drips quickly with minimal labour.

Ensure you provide a cleaner, safer working environment. Find the absorbent that’s right for you, speak to one of our highly trained sales representatives so we can match the right solutions to your needs.


Spill Dragon

The absorbent recycling system reduces absorbent waste by up to 88%.


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