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Today, right now you can dramatically improve the quality of the diesel fuel you use in your equipment. K KUBE is one of the most advanced and comprehensive fuel quality programmes available across Europe. This unique delivery system, combined with our powerful diesel additive, Kube Guard, improves fuel quality and ignition. Find out how…

Learn how to improve your diesel fuel right now

Only 20% of oil changes happen at the right time. 40% are performed too late leading to dangerous and expensive machine damage and repairs and lost production and profit. The remaining 40% happen too early resulting in unnecessary maintenance and cost. NCH’s NOSP programme recognises the best time to change oil, with the aim of turning 20% of your oil changes happening at the right time into 100%.

Prevent breakdowns and unscheduled downtime. Find out what benefits are waiting for you with our NOSP programme

Without the right grease, wear on parts can quickly become a problem and result in replacements being needed. Additional costs such as this can impact your business; NCH Lubricants can help reduce your parts replacement by prolonging the life of your equipment with high quality greases.

Protect your equipment with quality grease that can handle even extreme conditions. Get ready to upgrade your inventory now!

There are a number of problems that can occur without the protection of quality gear oil. Extreme pressure, dry starts, oxidation, foaming and water contamination can lead to damage and expensive parts replacement. Meet the increased demands on gear boxes and transmission systems with gear and transmission oils from NCH Lubricants.

Get the solution that’s right for you from lubrication experts you can trust. Meet the demand on your systems – find out how

Meet major manufacturer specifications with motor oils from NCH Lubricants. We offer a selection of high-quality mineral oil, synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils. Without the right protection, vehicles can become susceptible to wear, corrosion, poor fuel economy and poor cold starts. We provide motor oil solutions for gasoline and diesel engines.

Are you ready to improve your fleet? Our lubrication experts are here to help, find out how your business can benefit

Do your industrial oils withstand heavy duty applications, even in challenging environments? If your processes are frequently becoming interrupted by downtime for parts replacement, speak to our lubrication experts and find out how we can improve your efficiency and performance.

Give your plant the lubrication it needs to fulfil your processes. Take a look at what our industrial oils can do for you

From release agents to chain & cable lubricants, NCH provides solutions that are easy to apply, long lasting and help put a stop to frequent, costly parts replacement. Make sure you have the right product in place with NCH Lubricants.

Get the right product from your lubrication experts. Find the release agent or chain and cable lubricant needed to get the job done

Our range of solutions maintains your high efficiency, even under tough operating conditions. At NCH Lubricants your systems and hydraulic equipment are in the hands of experts. We understand your individual needs and will provide the help and guidance necessary to ensure you are provided with the oil best suited to your requirements.

With solutions that can be used in many of your industrial applications, look no further for your hydraulic oil needs, find out what we can do for you

Many large industrial applications rely on compressors to keep their processes running smoothly. Compressors are designed to run continuously and, when operating correctly, can be extremely energy efficient. Without the right lubrication and protection, compressors can however be subject to wear, oil oxidation, deposit build-up and water contamination.

Don’t let your compressor get worn down. Let’s look at how we can help with your requirements

Metal working fluids from NCH Lubricants reduce biological growth, leading to increased sump life. Our solutions provide you with a superior balance of lubrication and corrosion protection for improved tool life. We combine excellent lubricity with superior cooling action and our solutions do not contain nitrites, nitrates or phenols.

What is the right metal working fluid for your operations? Let’s look at how we can help with your requirements

Our laboratory fuel analysis offers you a complete breakdown of the quality of your fuel to provide you with fast, reliable test results that are easy to understand and ensure optimal equipment performance. So what do we analyse? Take a look and find out more…

Find out the 4 areas we will look at when analysing your fuel

Our highly trained local representatives and application engineers are equipped to offer you Value Added Services that help drive down overall costs and increase productivity. NCH Lubricants provides monitoring, analysis and expert guidance to ensure your facility’s needs are met. Take a look at what we have to offer.

Find out about our oil and fuel analysis and how they can help improve your operations and business needs

NCH Lubricants provide you with a range of equipment to cover all of your lubrication needs, from grease guns to fuel additive pumps; our equipment range will help you get the job done. Keep your industrial operations running efficiently by administering the right lubricant with the right piece of equipment.

Maximise product use and ensure accurate application with the right lubrication equipment. Find out what we have to offer

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