Advanced and comprehensive fuel quality program

K KUBE automatically injects diesel additive to the storage tank during fuel delivery. This unique delivery system, combined with our diesel additive, improves fuel quality and ignition. It controls contamination and bacteria, helps prevent corrosion and highlights diesel related problems before they impact your equipment.



K KUBE is an eco-friendly and customised solution. Our experts will conduct a site survey, analysing factors such as vehicle fleet, position of diesel tank and type of diesel fuel used to determine the right solution for your needs.

5% cost reduction on 100,000 litres of diesel

We provide diesel analysis, our additive package, K KUBE automatic injection system and 24hr monitoring as well as full machine maintenance and accountability.



The K KUBE diesel additive system from NCH Lubricants & Fuel Additives is ideal for:

  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Municipalities
  • Road Services



Improves fuel

Diesel producers and European regulators have reduced fuel quality, leading to decreased performance and increased risk of equipment failure.

K Kube incorporates the most advanced technology in fuel quality improvement:

  • Boosts engine performance, improves fuel quality & ignition
  • Decreases fuel consumption - typical reduction of 5%*
  • Improves cold weather start
  • Contains lubricity agents

*may vary according to equipment and operating conditions



Fuel additives are often used inconsistently through manual application. K Kube resolves this problem by automatically dispensing the correct amount of additive at the right time, every time:

Automatically injects additive to the storage tank during fuel delivery through a patented delivery system

Ensures all fuel is treated & all equipment is protected

Saves time & resources (cost effective)



Seeing is believing. We give you continuous updates and feedback regarding the quality of your fuel through a proprietary in-line telemetry system. We don’t tell you, we show you:

24-hour monitoring

Monthly service

Fuel analysis



European mandated FAME in your diesel can lead to well-known problems relating to water, bacteria, fungus, etc. With K Kube you can be sure you have the right cure.

Spots and treats problems before they impact your equipment:

Prevents cold filter plugging

Reduces water presence

Combats bacteria/fungi



Being green never saved so much money. Do what is right for the environment, do what is right for your bottom-line:

Decreased fuel consumption – typical reduction of 5%*

Reduction of harmful emissions

Solar powered

*may vary according to equipment and operating conditions


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