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Your cooling water treatment programme

Recirculating pumps, chillers and fans are the main energy consumers in water-cooled systems. Effective water treatment keeps the evaporation and condenser heat exchange surfaces clean and corrosion-free, minimising energy costs and allowing efficient heat transfer.

Cooling tower systems require specialised maintenance to ensure safe and reliable operation, including an effective water treatment programme.

A customised water treatment programme from Chem-Aqua helps maximise the life, efficiency, reliability and safety of your cooling water system, while keeping costs to a minimum.


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The high cost of boiler scale and corrosion

Protect your boiler system from the harmful effects of corrosion, scale and carryover with a customised boiler water treatment solution from Chem-Aqua.

To insure safe, reliable and cost effective steam production, Chem-Aqua can provide effective treatment programmes for all types of boiler system designs and applications.

Chem-Aqua can set up and maintain your boiler treatment plan to protect your operations and water treatment investment.

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Is your closed system losing water?

Hot water, chilled water, tempered water, process water and glycol filled closed loops need the correct water treatment program to avoid corrosion damage and maintain system integrity.

Closed loops that are leaking can waste water and energy while causing corrosion. These systems must be checked on a regular basis to ensure proper treatment level and system integrity.

Chem-Aqua knows that maintaining a water system requires more than just chemicals and testing to avoid long-term problems. It requires expertise and a team, get both with Chem-Aqua.

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Are you managing Legionella risks?

Under certain environmental conditions, any water system could become a source for Legionella bacteria.

Chem-Aqua is a registered company with the UK Legionella Control Association (LCA) and can provide a full Legionella control programme to keep your facility safe and compliant.

We are now in a unique position for a multinational water treatment company to have trained experts embedded in many of the countries we operate in. We have experts in UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Turkey.

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Start saving with Solid Water Treatment

Eliminate safety and handling concerns of liquid water treatment chemicals; go green with environmentally responsible solid water treatment from Chem-Aqua.  

Save up to 30% on water costs and 5% on energy costs by switching to solid water treatment with HandiBloc; how much would that mean to your business?

With over 600 satisfied customers across Europe already benefitting from solid chemistry, why not see what it can do for you.

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Don’t let biofilm take control

Biofilms are extremely insulating (at least 4 times more than scale), affecting heat transfer, which significantly increases operational and production costs. Bacteria that produce acid as a metabolic by-product will cause Microbiological Influenced Corrosion (MIC) underneath deposits and biofilm. This can be up to 1000 times faster than conventional corrosion, severely reducing equipment life.

Some microorganisms within biofilm can be serious pathogens (the most notorious examples being Legionella or Pseudomonas), putting at risk the health and safety of people in proximity with the system.

Don’t battle against biofilm alone; Chem-Aqua will help you tackle the biofilms plaguing your water systems.

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Ground breaking technology in the fight against biofilm

Specifically in industrial water systems, biofilms are complex communities of surface attached bacteria growing inside a protective microbial secretion, often called slime. The bacteria underneath live in highly sophisticated communities that are capable of constantly adapting to become resistant to mechanical or chemical treatment.

bioeXile is up to 1250 times more efficient against biofilms than biocide alone and 278 times more efficient than biodispersants plus biocide.

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Our expert services make a bottom line difference

Offering our customers technical expertise and advice on best practices is one of the most important aspects of our work. The economics and technical success of any water treatment programme depends not only on the chemical and equipment selection but also how well the programme is managed.

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Go green with Chem-Aqua!

With concern about CO2 emissions, global warming and employee health, being ‘green’ is at the forefront of many businesses. Water treatment can, however, become overlooked in the ‘go green’ equation.

Waterside deposits (scale, corrosion, biofilm), high blow down and water leaks are common problems that increase energy and water costs. An effective water treatment programme from Chem-Aqua maximises energy and water efficiency, whilst reducing associated carbon dioxide emissions.

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