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What is a rust management system?

A major rust management process, known as PTP, includes preparing, treating and protecting metal against rust and corrosion.


rusted metal


• Remove any loose rust or corrosion from the object.
• Remove any visible grease, oil, dirt, or contaminants using a degreaser followed by a clear water rinse. NCH can supply a large range of heavy duty degreasers, such as ND 150, ND 165, ND 200, Aqua Sol, Aqua Sol 20/20 or Duo Split.


• Rusted or corroded items can be taken back to the base metal before treating. This can be done using our premium pH neutral de-rusting solution, X-Rust 7, into which the item must be submerged to remove all traces of rust and corrosion. Sometimes submersion is impractical and so our X-Rust Gel can be used to remove rust from large or fixed objects. Another option is our Etch Klenz Extra, an acid based solution, without the pH neutral and flash rusting protection benefits but provides fast and effective surface rust removal.
• Effective rust treatment does not always involve stripping the object down to bare metal. Salvage 2+ is an all in one encapsulator, primer and top coat, which utilises the latest hybrid technology to produce a durable corrosion resistant coating. It is ideal for providing long term corrosion resistance to large structures and storage tanks. Chelade is a polymeric rust converter; when painted onto a rust-damaged surface, it will almost immediately convert the rust into a primed, paintable surface. Chelade is ideal for small scale application and requires a protective coating.
• There is a range of corrosion resistant coatings available, supplied in convenient aerosol packaging. These include HyZinc Extra, AL 217 and Stay Put. Whilst all three can provide excellent corrosion resistance, the zinc content of HyZinc Extra provides the most rust protection; however Stay Put is capable of resisting temperatures of up to 600 degrees celsius.
• NCH can also provide a range of temporary protective coatings such as Resist X Extra or Show Hi. These solutions protect metal items from rust and corrosion during transportation or storage and can be easily removed when required.

Advanced rust and corrosion treatment solutions

There are also some examples of more advanced rust and corrosion treatments and solutions for managing rust that the research and development chemists at NCH have formulated. They include a range of solutions for the use of managing rust and corrosion.

These methods use the latest technology, for example:

• pH neutral rust treatment and removal products - Capable of not only removing rust, but also preventing flash rusting (rapid corrosion) from occurring. It is also better for the environment than previously used rust removal products and safer to use.
• Rust prevention - By combining glass and aluminium flake with a specially formulated resin, outstanding corrosion protection and rust prevention formula has been formed by hybrid coating technologies that will prevent rust.

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