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Drain Maintenance

DC Drain Thick

DC Drain Thick

Liquid drain pipe opener

Viscous and heavy, so it goes directly to the blockage.

  • Penetrates deep without dissipating and losing effectiveness
  • Helps reduce bad odours; improves the atmosphere around drain openings
  • Highly viscous for maximum contact time
  • Dissolves grease, fats, oils, hair and other organic matter
  • Non-fuming
  • Acid free
DC Red Drain

DC Red Drain

Liquid pipe opener concentrate

Liquefies grease, soap scum and other organic matter in drains.

  • Cleans clogged drains fast
  • Liquefies grease, soap scum and other organic materials so they easily flow through drains
  • Helps reduce bad odours
  • Protects plumbing systems
  • Non-fuming
DC Super Drain

DC Super Drain

Powdered drain and sewer treatment

Heats and loosens debris and grease in drains, but is non-flammable and non-explosive.

  • Creates heat, when added to cold water, (up to 85ºC in 5 minutes) and agitation to loosen debris and to emulsify grease and oil
  • Produces an even heat over a long period of time, allowing it to attack stoppages that are further down the line
  • Non-flammable and non-dusting
  • Contains tracing dye
DO Odor Drain

DO Odor Drain

Deodorant for drains temporarily out of use

Keeps drains clean and deodorised during extended periods of none use.

  • No harsh, caustic, acids, or solvents
  • Pleasant floral fragrance
  • Floats on top of standing water, traps malodours so they cannot escape into the air
  • Formulated using biodegradable, all natural ingredients
FreeFlow Liquid

FreeFlow Liquid

Biological Maintainer for drains and grease traps

Rapidly digests organic matter, keeps drains cleaner for longer.

  • Biological breakthrough with multi strain formulation
  • Super concentrated: 10 strains of food safe Bacillus bacteria
  • Digests fats, oils, grease and other organic waste
  • Reduces the need for costly pump-out and clean-out operations
  • Eliminates odours
  • Non-corrosive and biodegradable; does not contain any harsh chemicals or pathogenic organisms and every batch is tested free of Salmonella
  • Biological alternative to caustics and acids
  • Works with or without oxygen
  • NSF L2 approved for use around food processing areas


Lift station degreaser

Natural biodegradable degreaser with superior effectiveness in emulsifying stubborn grease and dirt.

  • Continuous degreasing – floats on water
  • Loosens and breaks down heavy grease and fat deposits without causing debris accumulations
  • Provides continuous cleaning and odour control as water levels rise and fall
  • Neutralizes odours naturally
  • Safer to use – natural formulation
  • Natural biodegradable formulation using vegetable oils

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