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Mega All Extreme

Mega All Extreme

High performance anaerobic adhesive sealant.

Mega All Extreme produces outstanding torque and temperature resistance complementing Mega All White.


  • Resists temperatures of up to 230ºC -Outperforms all other anaerobic sealants.
  • Permanently locks and seals a wide range of machined metal components - A general purpose product.
  • Initial cure 3mins (min on brass) - Rapid set times.
  • Outstanding torque resistance – Recommended for the most arduous applications.
  • Non corrosive - Unlike other high strength anaerobic sealants does not attack delicate metal surfaces.
  • Max pressure resistance 695 bar (when fully cured) - Excellent pressure resistance.
Mega All White

Mega All White

Unique hazard free, anaerobic adhesive sealant with WRC (potable water) and EN 751 gas approvals.

A unique anaerobic adhesive sealant designed for a multitude of locking and sealing applications.

Non hazardous, no risk or safety phrases associated with the formulation featured on the label (white label).


  • Modified viscosity - holds in place but upon assembly, evenly penetrates and flows.
  • Use on a wide range of machined metal components.
  • Initial cure 5 minutes on brass - rapid set times.
  • Locks threads, pipes, and seals flanges: general purpose ideal for a range of applications.
  • WRAS approved, recommended for potable water and other food applications.
  • High pressure resistance: max pressure resistance 695 bar (when fully cured).
  • Formulated for easy disassembly.
  • Certified to BS EN 751 for domestic gas applications.
Mega Bond

Mega Bond

An excellent all-purpose ‘fix it’ adhesive.

Producing almost instant bonds on a wide range of materials.


  • Rapidly produces strong, durable bonded joints-fast and convenient
  • One component product- no need for mixing, simple to apply
  • Bond strength of up to 27Nmm2-excellent joint strength
  • Wide service temperature range-suitable for most in service conditions
  • Anti-clog pin in cap style top-for easy application increases fuel efficiency
Mega Cryl

Mega Cryl

A two-part structural adhesive.

Produces rapid bonds on a wide range of materials, with excellent levels of joint strength and toughness.


  • 90% of joint strength produced within 20 minutes. Allows components to be rapidly returned to service.
  • Mega Cryl fills joint gaps up to 1mm. Ideal for small to medium application.
  • Simple 1:1 Mixing ratio. Easy to mix and can be applied bead on bead.
  • Excellent bond strength & toughness. Common for the bonded material to fail before the bond line.
  • Bonds a wide range of common materials.
Mega Cryl SST

Mega Cryl SST

Super Structural Technology Adhesive.

A class leading two part structural adhesive with SST (Super Structural Technology), which increases bond strength due to the Inclusion of Nano particles when bonding metal, standard plastics and composites.


  • Formulated with Super Structural Technology – Nano particles increase the bond area creating superior bond strength
  • Fast bonding – 90% of full strength within 20 minutes (full cure 2 hours).
  • Fills gaps of up to 10mm – excellent gap filling capabilities, ideal for bonding irregular surface.
  • High viscosity – can be applied on vertical or inclined surfaces without dripping or sagging.
  • Excellent mechanical characteristics – ideal for components subjected to a variety of service loads.
  • Ideal for thinner sections, replacing traditional methods, fasteners/welding – weight saving and speeds up assembly procedures.
  • Applied via economical applicator systems and mixing nozzles; no complicated mixing ratios, easy to apply.
  • Resistant to a wide range of commonly encountered chemicals – excellent durability.
Mega Firm Extra

Mega Firm Extra

High viscosity instant adhesive.

Designed with increased gap filling characteristics and a longer cure time to allow maximum alignment of work pieces.


  • Increased gap filling characteristics, will fill gaps up to 0.25 mm - recommended for bonding surfaces with irregular contours.
  • Suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials including those with a porous surface e.g. rubbers, metals and wood - versatile, suitable for many applications.
  • Use with MEGA PRIMER surface primer to bond materials traditionally considered as un-bondable: PP, PE and silicone rubber.
  • Slower bond time of between 30 - 45 seconds - allows maximum time for work piece alignment.
  • Wide service temperature range i.e. -60ºc to +90ºc - suitable for a wide variety of service conditions, ideal for maintenance
  • If required can be speed cured with MEGA SPEED.
Mega Primer

Mega Primer

A surface primer that enables Cyanoacrylate adhesives to bond PP, PE plus other difficult to bond material.

A high performance primer for use with Mega Bond or Mega Firm Extra.


  • Extends the application range of Mega Firm Extra & Mega Bond.
  • Effective on a range of difficult to bond materials.
  • Special formulation penetrates LO NRG surfaces, producing superior bonds.
  • Complete with atomiser spray head for easy application and effective coverage.
Mega Speed

Mega Speed

General purpose cyanoacrylate adhesive accelerator and performance improver.

For use with Mega Firm Extra.


  • Mega Speed increases the gap fill of all cyanoacrylate adhesives, while accelerating the cure of the slower curing grades i.e. Mega Firm Extra.
  • It also assists when bonding normally difficult to bond porous materials.
  • Allows standard cyanoacrylate adhesives to work where they normally don’t.
  • Use on adhesive joints or pooled / adhesive residues.
  • Increases gap fill – improves the performance of all grades of cyanoacrylate adhesives.
  • Supplied in a spray atomiser – simply spray on, easy to apply.