Ceramic Cut Off Disc

Ceramic Cut Off Disc

High performance cutting disc featuring a ceramic aluminia abrasive grit.

Ideally suited to high temperature alloys and hardened tool steels.


  • These discs will achieve fast cutting speeds with minimal friction.
  • Ideal for general cutting applications, where a precise cut on hard to grind materials is required.
  • Compatible with most conventional power tools
  • A range of sizes from 50mm to 125mm diameter
Diamond Disc Super

Diamond Disc Super

A diamond coated cutting disc designed for a wide variety of uses in construction and manufacturing.

Manufactured using an innovative vacuum brazing process to apply a diamond coating to both the face and the edge of the steel disc.


  • Offers excellent cutting properties across a range of materials.
  • Diamond Disc Super may be used for either wet or dry cutting.
  • A range of sizes from 115mm to 300mm diameter.
Felt Poli Disc

Felt Poli Disc

Selection of felt polishing discs.

Featuring a dense flap construction for a consistent performance.


  • Felt Poli Discs are designed for final polishing and finishing applications.
  • They are manufactured from a dense felt with a flap construction for excellent durability and a consistent finish throughout the life of the disc
  • The expandable edge is ideal for corners and radii, while the 50mm diameter disc is perfect for small or intricate components
  • 50mm and 115mm diameters available
HP Cutting Disc

HP Cutting Disc

A selection of high performance cutting discs.

Offering the maximum number of cuts together with the longest disc life.


  • HP Cutting Discs feature a fibre reinforced construction with an aluminium oxide abrasive grit for fast cutting speeds with minimal wear.
  • Delivers excellent performance levels and offers superb value for money.
  • Suited to cutting all thicknesses of carbon steel, and are also recommended for cutting stainless steels.
  • HP Cutting Discs can be fitted to conventional angle grinders.
  • A range of sizes from 115mm to 230mm diameter.
HP Cutting Disc Super

HP Cutting Disc Super

The ultimate cutting disc.

Offering the maximum number of cuts together with the longest disc life.


  • Stored in sealed tins with a moisture absorbing gel which tests have shown to reduce the risk of the disc deteriorating.
  • Suited to cutting all metals, including stainless steel, where it will deliver precise, virtually burr-free cuts.
  • Using a single disc reduces down time and power consumption to increase cutting efficiency.
  • A range of sizes from 115mm to 230mm diameter.
HP Stainless Plus

HP Stainless Plus

Range of high performance grinding discs.

Delivers rapid stock removal; particularly on stainless steel and harder metals.


  • HP Stainless Plus discs deliver high performance grinding, with high rates of metal removal, particularly on stainless steels.
  • 20% lower cutting temperature than standard grinding discs.
  • HP Stainless Plus discs do not discolour or distort stainless steels.
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency by rapid and effective metal removal.
  • Smooth and quiet grinding action with low levels of vibration combine to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Using HP Stainless Plus removes any need for specialist power tools as these discs are compatible with conventional angle grinders.
  • 115mm, 125mm and 190mm discs available
Lions Tongue

Lions Tongue

Open meshed abrasive cloths.

Double coated with silicon carbide abrasive grit.


  • Features a silicon carbide coating on both sides of the mesh, creating an ultra abrasive surface.
  • Using both sides of the cloth offers extended life.
  • Open mesh cloth allows particles to fall free without clogging.
  • Available in 4 different grits.
  • Use to create a smooth surface, ideal for final finishing applications.
  • Can be used wet or dry.
Mini Poli Disc

Mini Poli Disc

Range of mini finishing discs.

Manufactured from flaps of non-woven nylon interleaved with layers of high grade aluminium oxide abrasive cloth.


  • Mini Poli Discs combine the gentle polishing action of non-woven nylon and the effective abrasive action of aluminium oxide.
  • The flap construction reduces the risk of clogging, while offering a long life and consistent surface finish.
  • The flexible edge hugs contours and curves and offers access into corners.
  • Mini Poli Discs are iron free and are recommended for use on stainless steel components.
  • This range complements the Felt Poli Discs
  • 50mm discs
Nybrite Surface Disc Plus

Nybrite Surface Disc Plus

Heavy duty surface conditioning product manufactured from a non-woven nylon fibre.

Excellent non-clog characteristics and consistent performance thanks to non-woven fibre impregnated with a Silicon Carbide abrasive.


  • These discs will not gouge the work piece and in addition will last longer than similar surface conditioning products.
  • Designed for use on standard angle grinders.
  • Efficiently and effectively removes surface coatings with minimum base metal removal.
  • Using Nybrite Surface Disc Plus for weld cleaning is both cleaner and more effective than using a pickling paste, and also eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals.
  • Should be used with Backing Pad for 75mm Discs – M14 for a rapid disc changeover on standard angle grinders.


A high performance rust removal and finishing system.

Nylon-Lok are hard-wearing surface preparation discs.


  • These discs do not have a visible centre screw, which permits the entire face of the disc to be used.
  • Rigid and durable construction provides efficient cleaning and polishing on flat and contoured surfaces or the edges of a component.
  • Nylon-Lok discs deliver a consistent performance throughout the life of the disc.
  • Must be used in conjunction with the Abra-Lok Holder which is fitted with a quick change screw mechanism and a 6mm spindle which facilitates a quick disc changeover.
  • The spindle fits most standard right-angled die grinders and reduces the risk of fly-off when in operation.
Polishing Compound

Polishing Compound

Two high performance polishing compounds.

A selection of two wax bar high performance polishing compounds to deliver a superior finish.


  • Brown for non-ferrous (stainless steel) and cream for ferrous (copper and brass).
  • Easily smeared or loaded onto a polishing disc.
  • Excellent polishing action
Triamic Flap Disc

Triamic Flap Disc

Available in 115mm, 125mm and mini 50mm diameters.

Self-sharpening ceramic cloth and improved flap layout – cuts faster, lasts longer!


  • Greater stock removal than all other ceramic discs.
  • Shelf sharpening; large pieces of grit fracture in use to create sharp, regular, triangular cutting points.
  • On the 115mm and 125mm discs the increased number of flaps (72 instead 60) and angled profile ensure maximum surface area contact.
  • The smaller 50mm diameter is ideal for smaller intricate applications, with a quick change holder.
  • In tests, discs last over 20% longer than competitor discs.
Triamic Flexi Disc

Triamic Flexi Disc

Range of discs combining Flexi Edge design and Triamic cloth.

Gives the ultimate performance on curved and contoured surfaces.

  • Flexible edge design for curved and contoured surfaces and will also sand and finish into 90°corners
  • Triamic cloth ensures greater stock removal than ceramic abrasive discs
  • Self sharpening action and flap disc design ensures consistency throughout the life of the disc
  • Non-clog design allows use on a wide range of materials and applications
  • Available in standard 115mm and mini 50mm – mini uses a separate quick change holder with 6mm shank for easy disc change
Ultra Polish

Ultra Polish

High performance polishing disc.

Featuring a unitised construction.


  • Ultra Polish are high performance polishing discs that combine an excellent surface finish with long disc life.
  • These discs are manufactured from a dense non-woven structure that is impregnated with a high quality silicon carbide abrasive.
  • The discs are equipped with a quick-change button for a rapid and easy disc change over
  • Ultra Polish discs are compatible with a range of electrical and pneumatic grinding machines
  • 60mm and 75mm discs available
Z Band Plus Zirc

Z Band Plus Zirc

Range of abrasive bands and cloth.

A range of abrasive bands with a flap construction and high performance zirconium cloth.


  • A range of abrasive bands featuring a flap construction for excellent consistency and a finish superior to standard single layer abrasive bands.
  • The zirconium cloth consistently produces excellent metal removal and a superb finish.
  • These abrasive bands offer outstanding durability, even on the toughest of applications, lasting up to 20 times longer than standard flap discs.
  • Can be successfully used on softer materials such as aluminium and composites, without clogging.
  • The bands are compatible with standard pneumatic or electric die grinders.
Z-Flap Wheel

Z-Flap Wheel

A selection of spindle mounted flap wheels.

Manufactured from a dense, high performance Zirconium cloth.


  • Prevents clogging and ensures a consistent surface finish throughout the life of the wheel.
  • Easy to control and do not dig into the work piece.
  • The high performance Zirconia Alumina abrasive is longer lasting than Aluminium Oxide and will deliver consistent, high speed, low temperature abrasion with less blueing than other cloths.
  • Z-Flap wheels are fitted with a 6mm spindle so that they can be used on standard portable drill machines, without the need for any specialist equipment.

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