Businesses in all sectors rely on tools or equipment to be in full working order at all times. However, regular wear and tear often causes machinery or equipment to fail, the consequences of which are less than ideal for any operation.

NCH Europe’s experts apply advanced technology, industry knowledge and extensive testing to ensure that each of our Partsmaster solutions are of the highest quality and are able to tackle the toughest of industrial repairs.


NCH Europe’s Partsmaster product range

adhesives product image


NCH Europe’s adhesives are suitable for use on a variety of materials (such as metal, wood, plastics, glass and tile) and used in a range of applications, including:

  • Locking and sealing a wide range of machined metal components
  • Locking threads, pipes and seal flanges
  • Producing strong, durable bonded joints
  • Bonding a wide range of common materials
  • Bonding traditionally difficult to bond plastics, such as polypropylene or polyethylene
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Our range of abrasives combine the latest technology with expert industry insights to ensure our customers receive the best abrasive for their application. Our range includes the very latest ceramic abrasives for fast and efficient stock removal.

pipe repair product image

Pipe Repair

NCH supplies an assortment of materials for emergency pipe repairs. Our range includes seal tape, repair compounds and pipe repair bandages to put a stop to potentially damaging leaks, quickly and effectively.

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Cryo Cutting Tools

Our Cryotool range includes drill bits, core drills, burrs and saw blades. These tools are protected with the revolutionary Cryophase™ treatment to ensure that they are hard-wearing, long lasting and able to cut through any material quickly and easily. Cryotools cut faster and last longer.