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Acro K

Open-Gear Grease

  • Cleaner non-staining base stays in place, provides protection against rust and corrosion while forming a protective barrier cushioning impact in-between meshing gears.


Protective Coating

  • Clear plastic protective coating wherever a waterproof protective surface is needed. High dielectric strength is ideal for use on exposed electrical terminal and conductors.


Penetrating Gel Lubricant

  • Ultra-versatile heavy-duty clear gel penetrates and lubricates. Lubricates with PTFE for extreme pressure protection.

Flush N Clean

Flush N Clean

Flushes Engines, Gearboxes, Hydraulic Systems & Compressors

  • The only flushing oil proven to reduce equipment downtime, energy consumption and parts replacement. Works in gearboxes, hydraulic systems and compressors. Works while equipment is operating.

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Hy Zinc Extra

Cold Galvanising Coating

  • Highly concentrated zinc metal finish becomes an integrated part of metal to prevent rust & corrosion.


Unique Premium Hydraulic Oil Improver

  • Formula enhances performance, reduces leakage, and extends service life of new and used construction equipment hydraulic oils by up to 2,000 hours.

Insta Copper

Copper-Based Anti-Seize Compound

  • Prevents thread seizure caused by excessive heat, torque and rusting. Gives thread lubrication up to 1200°C.

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K Last Super

K Last Super

Dry Lubricant with Moly

  • Long lasting moly lubricant spray that withstands heavy loads and pressures. Dries to a non-transferable lubricant that protects against moisture, abrasive particles, rust and corrosion. Effective up to 400°C.

K Nate Aerosol

K Nate Aerosol

Calcium Sulphonate Aerosol Grease

  • Extreme performance grease. Sprays like an aerosol sets to a #2 grease. Excellent general lubricant to reduce friction, wear and noise on fine parts, equipment and mechanisms.

K Release

Penetrant & Release Agent with Moly

  • The best penetrant and release agent on the market! Works immediately to penetrate rust, grease, sludge and corrosion.  Penetrates deeply to free even countersunk bolts. Leaves a long- lasting moly film to prevent rust and seizure of parts.

K Release FG

Food Grade Penetrant & Release Agent

  • A powerful food grade penetrant for food equipment.

K Release NF

K Release NF

Non-Flammable Penetrant & Release Agent

  • Uses non-flammable propellant and liquid penetrating agents. Ideal for areas where non-flammable aerosols are required. The easy way to loosen parts, protect them from rust and lubricate for re-use.

Lexite NF

Non-Flammable Cleaner & Degreaser

  • Quickly dissolves and flushes away grease, oils and soils without disassembly. Can be used on electrical and electronic equipment.

Lubra K AHT Aerosol

Lubra K AHT Aerosol

High-temperature chain and cable lubricant

  • Premium synthetic high temperature chain & cable lubricant penetrates, lubricates and protects in extreme temperatures to increase chain, cable and wire rope life. Protects from -20°C to 280°C.

Lubra K AHT FG

Food Grade, High Temperature Synthetic Chain & Cable Lubricant

  • Effective chain & cable lubrication for the extreme conditions found in the food grade industry. NSF H1 certified.

Lubra K CC

Chain & Cable Lubricant with Moly

  • Lubrication penetrates to the core to provide continual protection to critical stress areas, protects against rust and corrosion, clings to chains and cables to eliminate sling off and forms a durable outer barrier between the chain or cable and the elements.

Lubra K LS

Food Grade General Purpose Lubricant

  • Thin, clear lubricant film that will not sling off or break down even in water, steam or under heavy loads.

Lubra K TX Super

Dry Film Lubricant & Release Agent

  • Dry film lubricant & release agent with PTFE Excellent lubricant and release agent for a variety of uses where a smooth, quick drying, slick surface is needed. Wide operating temperature range (from -240°C to +250°C).

Nat Sil Extra Aerosol

Multi-Purpose Silicone Mold & Surface Release Agent

  • Multi-Purpose Silicone Mold & Surface Release Agent Polysiloxane mold release agent that waterproofs, rustproofs, insulates and preserves a variety of materials.

NC 123 Extra Aerosol

Moisture Removing Anti-Corrosion Compound

  • Displaces water with a continuous film, seals against future water problems. Can be used on electrical equipment.

Nikke Lock Oil

PTFE Lock Lubricant

  • A clean pocket sized penetrating, convenient synthetic oil that continues to work in extreme cold temperatures. Works up to -42°C.

No Stop

PTFE Dry Lubricant & Release Agent Aerosol

  • Lubricates without staining or attracting dust and lint.

NSL 01 Aerosol

Heavy Duty Solvent Degreaser

  • Penetrates and dissolves tough grease and soils from hard to reach parts.


Multi-Purpose, Extreme Pressure Cutting Fluid

  • All in one formula combines cooling action with lubrication to provide superior performance on even the most difficult operations and hardest metals.

Premalube Xtreme FG Aerosol

Food Grade, Aluminium Complex NLGI #2 Aerosol Grease

  • Food Grade, Aluminium Complex NLGI #2 Aerosol Grease  NSF H1, Excellent white assembly grease for food processing  equipment with all of the same great properties as our bulk.

Prob Solv

Heavy Duty Gear & Bearing Oil Improver

  • Performance booster for use in gearboxes.

Sila K Super

Multi-Purpose Silicone Release Agent

  • Space age release agent that waterproofs, insulates and preserves a variety of materials. NSF H1 approved for food use.

Stay Put

Stainless Steel Coating

  • Shiny metallic surface that withstands extreme temperatures and environments.

Un Lock Aerosol

High Temperature, Anti-Seize Lubricating Compound

  • Works long after other anti-seize and lubricating compounds have  worn away and hardened. Works in temperatures up to 1200°C.

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Unlock 2000 Aerosol (Un Lok 2000)

Food Grade, High Performance Anti-Seize Compound

  • Non-staining white formula provides superior protection against  seizing, galling, rust, and corrosion for nuts, screws, fittings, and  other metal parts. Works in temperatures up to 1260°C. NSF H1  certified.

  • Available in aerosol and bulk formats

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Verti Cling

Powerful Foaming Degreaser

  • Effective for the removal of heavy soils like grease, grime, tar, asphalt and adhesive residue.

Waylube Super Aerosol

Slideway Lubricant

  • Clings to ways for long term lubrication, reducing wear and extending equipment life.


Cleaner For All Non-Porous Surfaces

  • For powerful and fast grafitti removal.