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Problems with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)


problems with pdf

Not everything is perfect. As your Diesel Particulate Filter clears the soot and other particulates out of your exhaust fumes, its collects them itself and can often become blocked or too dirty to function to its maximum efficiency, which can cause many problems. When this occurs, cleaning your DPF is necessary.

Regardless of the type of regeneration process taking place, exhaust systems and DPF's will gradually get dirtier. The longer you leave your DPF without cleaning it, the dirtier it will get. It then requires more active regeneration, which leads to problems such as:
• Higher diesel fuel consumption
• Lack of power or torque (the force of movement that causes rotation)
• System pressure
• Fuel blow by

If your DPF filter is not properly cleaned, looked after, or becomes damaged, possible outcomes are the requirement of a new DPF, which could cost over £1000.

Each of these can cause problems that will affect the efficiency of your DPF, but all can be avoided with regular cleaning. Our formulation, DPF Protect will keep your DPF riods of time thanks to Soot Burn technology (SB); lowering the temperature at which soot burns off from 550˚C to 400˚C.