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Parts Cleaning Solutions


Parts Cleaning from NCH Europe

NCH Parts Cleaning specialise in industry-specific solutions. Cleaning parts and degreasing parts will have never been easier for your business, with a parts cleaning solution from NCH Europe. We can take care of everything: from installation of the parts cleaning machine through to servicing and maintenance.

Parts cleaning innovation & technology

Solvent-based parts cleaning: our solvents supply the power and strength needed to effectively remove the accumulation of dirt, grease, oil, paint and adhesives that can affect the performance and use of parts and mechanisms. Our parts cleaning solvents are non-corrosive, toxic or carcinogenic, for a healthier working environment. Learn more about solvent based parts cleaning from NCH Europe.

Water based parts cleaning machines provide powerful, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to clean and degrease parts and mechanisms. Our water based parts cleaners are not classified as irritant, harmful, corrosive or toxic, but provide a high degree of parts cleaning that lowers costs for your business. Learn more about water based parts cleaning from NCH Europe.

Torrent 500 is the innovative parts cleaning machine, offering cutting edge technology. Providing the right combination of pressure, temperature and chemistry to increase parts cleaning productivity Torrent 500 also reduces costs and environmental impact. With parts cleaning time taking 1 minute for 90% of parts, Torrent 500 is reliable and easy to use. It has optimised visibility thanks to the enlarged window and the engineered lid provides durable, hard-wearing use.


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