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What are Diesel Fuel injectors?

rsz what are diesel fuel injectors


When you fill your car with fuel, it doesn't go directly to the engine ready to start driving from A to B, in fact it has to get into the piston in the car engine. This delivery is the job of the fuel injector!

Although its a pretty simple mechanism, the injector is in fact one of the most complex parts of a car engine and is the product of a lot of experimentation over the years.

The injector has to be able to withstand extremely high temperatures, as well as the very high pressure that is created inside the cylinder. Despite having to put up with all this, it must also be able to deliver the fuel in a fine mist. This mist of fuel must then be circulated in the cylinder so that it is evenly spread out and distributed.

The fuel injector is an aspect of a diesel engine that differs from a petrol engine. In a petrol engine, the fuel and air are mixed with each other a long time before they are transported into the cylinder, whereas in a diesel engine, the diesel fuel injector quite literally injects the fuel directly into the cylinder, where it then combines with the air.

Your engine then has enough energy to turn those wheels and get you moving; without a fuel injector in your engine, you would get nowhere!


rsz what are diesel fuel injectors 2