Diesel Fuel Additives from NCH Europe

NCH Europe offer a range of additives and diesel fuel additives as well as our renowned diesel fuel additive delivery system. Keep systems running efficiently with NCH Lubricants & Fuel Additives. Don't let loss of lubricating properties affect performance.

Let NCH Lubricants & Fuel Additives increase the operating life of your equipment. Our highly concentrated additive solutions boost performance and solve a range of problems, helping extend equipment life while dramatically reducing downtime.

We deliver the diesel fuel additives you want to tackle all of your additive needs.

Diesel fuel additive delivery system – K KUBE

K KUBE automatically injects diesel additives into the storage tank during fuel delivery. This unique delivery system, combined with our diesel additives, improves fuel quality and ignition. It controls contamination and bacteria, helps prevent corrosion and highlights diesel related problems before they impact your equipment.

K KUBE is an eco-friendly and customised solution. Our experts will conduct a site survey, analysing factors such as vehicle fleet, position of diesel tank and type of diesel fuel used to determine the right solution for your needs.

5% cost reduction on 100,000 litres of diesel - We provide diesel analysis, our additive package, K KUBE automatic injection system and 24hr monitoring as well as full machine maintenance and accountability.

Diesel fuel additives for the right industry

The K KUBE diesel additive system from NCH Lubricants & Fuel Additives is ideal for the following industries:

  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Municipalities
  • Road Services