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If you’re looking for the next challenge in your career then look no further. Join like-minded professionals and be part of our productive team in Slovakia, a country brimming with historic sites, folk tradition and quaint villages.

Slovakia is characterised by a highly skilled labour force and the country’s most notable exports include cars, video displays, vehicle parts, broadcasting equipment and rubber tires

According to Export Entreprises' analysis, the service sector is one of the leading sectors in Slovakia: as of 2016, it represents around 64.8% of the GDP and is driven by trade and real estate.



5 Million

Capital City


Monetary Unit

€ Euro


-3ºC - 26ºC


If you join the NCH Europe team in Slovakia, you’ll help shape investments in innovation technologies and work with an array of businesses to help simplify their processes.

Whether you’re pursuing an opportunity in sales, or looking for a support staff role, we’re bound to have something for you.

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Benefits of working at NCH Europe

At NCH Europe you’ll work with experts in their fields, liaise with leading and emerging industry professionals and see cutting-edge innovation technologies develop. There’s always something new to learn.

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At NCH Europe, we are proud to be industry leaders. We supply innovative maintenance, energy and water solutions to our clients around the continent.

Must-attend event

for fun slovakia

For Fun

Pohoda is the largest festival in Slovakia and it is located in Trenčín. The event brings different music genres, including rock, punk, reggae and pop.

for work slovakia

For Work

Aqua takes place in Trenčín and focuses on water management and environment protection, among other things.

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