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Working within the oldest boarders in Europe, the dedication and pride of this country is clear to see. If you would like to be a part of what Portugal has to offer, take a look at the careers opportunities available from NCH Europe. 

Portugal's export list has been through dramatic diversification since the beginning of the Portuguese empire.

Today, the world's best cork comes from the Algarve (the south of Portugal), with the country accounting for 50 per cent of the world's total cork production. To complement this, the country also produces 'Vinho Verde' (green wine), which is light, fresh and just one of Portugal's many unique offerings.


10 Million

Capital City


Monetary Unit

€ Euro


11°C - 24°C

By joining the NCH Europe team in Portugal, you will advise and monitor customer investments into innovative industry solutions, helping businesses to refine and maintain their systems.

Whether you want to be a sales representative, skilled technician or take on a support staff role, you're bound to find your perfect role that suits you and your skills.

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Benefits of working at NCH Europe

At NCH Europe you’ll work with experts in their fields, liaise with leading and emerging industry professionals and see cutting-edge innovation technologies develop. There’s always something new to learn.

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At NCH Europe, we supply innovative maintenance, energy and water solutions to our clients across the continent, including Portugal. We make sure our clients aren't wasting money or energy.

Must-attend event

for fun portugal

For Fun

NOS Alive is an open-air rock, indie and pop festival in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. Mixing world-famous names and underground talent, it's one of Europe's best music festivals!

for work portugal

For Work

EMAF is a biannual exhibition of machine tools, industrial cleaning and chemical products. Held in the historical city of Porto, this trip will be both business and pleasure.

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